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Charlotte NC Flea Control - ExterminatorsFleas can be very annoying for your beloved pets, and female fleas can lay 5000+ eggs in their lifespan. Because of this, you must act swiftly and wisely to prevent a flea infestation.

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Learn About Fleas and Flea Extermination

how-to-get-rid-of-fleas-in-charlotte-ncFleas are blood-sucking parasites, that take blood meals from both humans and pets. As a result of the discomfort, the host may scratch the spot where fleas feed, which may lead to infections. Fleas are also capable of surviving for long periods in developmental stages until there is a suitable host. The biology and behavioral pattern of fleas determine their control and eradication methods.
Due to their bloodsucking activities, fleas transfer germs which can lead to diseases. Fleas can be easily picked up by pets, particularly from the environment of contact with other pets. Thus, dedicated efforts must be made to ensure that fleas are out of homes at all times.

We have highlighted several practices that will prevent the invasion of fleas in homes. Fleas are mostly found in residential buildings, hence our focus on homes. Professional flea exterminators should, however, be contacted when an invasion is noticed.

Regular visits to the vet
Most times, flea infestations are noticed due to the persistent scratching of pets, or on the hair of pets upon careful examination. Therefore, it is important to keep pets in the best form of health to prevent flea infestation. Precautions such as regular visits to the vet can aid in the identification of fleas that are attached to the hair of pets. Flea identification is also very important because they can attach to the skin of children who play regularly with pets, and lead to allergies.

Proper pet hygiene
The maintenance of your pet’s hygiene is essential for the prevention of a flea infestation. Pets love to play outside and with other pets, which exposes them to picking up fleas in the environment. To ensure that fleas are not attached to the hair of pets, they should be bathed regularly, especially after outdoor activities. You should ensure that your pet is always clean as frequently as possible.

flea-control-methods-and-products-in-charlotte-ncScheduled home cleaning
Like other insects, fleas endure different stages of development. For fleas, there are the egg, larva, pupa, and adult growth stages. The change from one stage to another is dependent on favorable environmental conditions. Fleas can stay in the pupa form for very long periods, until a suitable host is nearby. Pupas of fleas in cocoons are usually found in rugs, carpets, and other floor surfaces.

Regular mopping and vacuuming of homes is necessary in eradicating the cocoons of fleas. Vacuuming is especially important, as the pressure sucks up the cocoons that may be hidden within the surfaces of rugs.
The service of an experienced pest control company is always important in eradicating fleas. This is because professional flea exterminators eradicate fleas, identify hiding places of their cocoons, and install measures to prevent the entry of other household pests which may act as hosts for fleas.

In controlling fleas, the focus is on eradicating the pre-adult and adult fleas, as well as preventing their entry. Since fleas require mammals to thrive on, proper hygiene of pets and prevention of the entry of household pests are important factors for the control of fleas. Our goal is to help you keep fleas away; we hope we have been able to do that with this provided information.

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