Frequently Asked Questions

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Do It Yourself?

  • Why shouldn’t I just do it myself?
    1. We use state of the art products.
    2. We have over 55+ years of pest control experience.
    3. Knowledge of biology and chemistry.
    4. We can solve the problem with efficiency.

Follow-Up Visits

  • What happens if my pests come back?
    We'll come back - for free!

Pest Control Safety

  • Is it safe for family and pets?
    Yes, our process minimizes the use of products inside, and we use exclusion and other methods to fight pests as well.

Pests Covered

  • What pests will my service cover?
    Premier Service: Spiders, ants, crickets & more in and around your home. My Elite Service: Full pest coverage for your home and outdoor spaces like patios, decks, playgrounds and more! My Elite Plus Service: Total pest coverage for your home and yard - even mosquitoes!