12 steps performed once every three months

The Basic Service
The Basic Service provides preventative pest control coverage for all general pests attached to or within your home, including ants, spiders, crickets, mice, rats, millipedes, centipedes and more. The only pests excluded are flying/stinging insects (hornets, wasps, yellow jackets), mosquitoes, fleas, bed bugs, roaches or wood-destroying organisms/termites. This is a no-hassle exterior service designed to minimize the amount of pest control products used inside the home and the need for you to take time out of your day for scheduled appointments; however, indoor pest control treatments can be scheduled if needed at no additional charge. The service follows a quarterly treatment schedule with free additional services if necessary.

  1. 1. Knock down accessible spider webs around eaves, gutters, & light fixtures
  2. 2. Use broom duster around eaves and lighting for long-term spider web control
  3. 3. Treat around doors & entry ways for spiders & covered pests
  4. 4. Inspect for and treat insect entry points such as crawlspace ventilation
  5. 5. Inspect and treat for trailing ants & covered pests
  6. 6. Inspect and treat around adjacent yard decor for nesting ants & covered pests
  1. 7. Inspect and treat around high moisture areas for ants, spiders, & covered pests
  2. 8. Bait application for foraging and trailing ants, crickets, & covered pests
  3. 9. Bait application for outdoor roaches, ants, & covered pests
  4. 10. Treat around accessible windows for spiders, ants, & covered pests
  5. 11. Treat around accessible light fixtures for spiders & covered pests
  6. 12. Inspect for rodent activity and entry points. Provide treatment if necessary