6 Dogs That Are Having a Way Worse Day Than You

6 Dogs That Are Having a Way Worse Day Than You

We love our animals dearly. At Go-Forth Pest Control, we only offer the best, safest services for you and your furry friends. But sometimes, we can all be guilty of sticking our noses where they don’t belong! Take a look at these six dogs, who might have gotten a little too nosy around a bees nest, and are definitely having a WAY worse day than you…


Like this guy, who looks like he was living his best life, frolicking in the long grass right before misfortune befell him.


Or this chicken nugget who thinks if he avoids eye-contact for long enough, the guilt will just cease to exist…


Or this dog who resigned himself to his chambers, because he now knows nothing but defeat.



And this guilty fellow who thinks he may have gone too far by wanting to get “a little work done.”



Or this contemplative pup who is currently reflecting back on a lifetime of poor decisions.



But finally, there is no better example of palpable shame than this poor dog, who isn’t quite sure where it all went wrong but looks like the photo definition of the word “remorse.”

At Go-Forth, we offer safe nest removal and relocation. It is always best to call as soon as you suspect a problem so that both you, and your pets, can enjoy the rest of your summer, sting-free.