Best Ant Control Services Near Me

Best Ant Control Services Near Me

Best Ant Control Services Near Me

Ants are insects that come from the family of wasps and bees. About 140 million years ago was the period when ants were believed to have started roaming the surface of the earth. Ever since, ants have been forming colonies that range in various numbers from a few dozen, to large colonies that consist of workers, soldiers and queens. Female ants usually have wings, and are in charge of producing eggs for their colony. Meanwhile, workers are the wingless female ants that serve to protect the queen’s eggs, and soldiers are the ants that are in charge of storing and searching for food for the colony. Queens can live up to 30 years, while the workers and other ants only typically live up to 3 years. As small as they are, it is right to assume that they do not have the capacity to hear from their surroundings. Ants can only communicate through pheromones, and just like other insects, ants locate smells through their long, thin mobile antennae – using their antennas to locate food.

While it may seem impossible to defeat these large, persistent colonies and groups of ants, it is still possible to eliminate them, and we’ve created a list of a few ways below!

Clove Essential Oil

Clove oil is a fast acting insecticide that is effective in eliminating multiple different kinds of household pests. This oil can also be used for some ornamental plant pests that are found outside of you house. Ants are repellent to anything that gives off smell that is too strong for their respiratory systems. It so happens that cloves have tangy scents that do linger. One tip, clove oil works better when it is used with another oil.

Chalk Powder

This is an extremely easy way to reduce the amount of ants coming into your home. While ants may be known to eat almost anything they can find, they appear to be very weak when it comes to chalks. Some ants cannot take the calcium carbonate that is usually found in the chalk. It is also presumed that the chalk interrupts and hinders their ability to sense their trails. Regardless, this method is one of the most effective ways to eliminate ants. Just draw a line using the chalk on the spots and tracks where the ants usually travel around or pass through your house. Doing this will act as a gate that they will not be able to travel across. Do this repeatedly as needed.

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