Cricket come from a family of insect that are known to live among bushes. They have vertically flattened bodies just like known insect pests. Though, most of the time these things are compared to grasshoppers, they actually differ a lot. Starting from their round heads, antennae and cylindrical bodies. They have touch wings in the front which is what they use in order to produce chirping sounds. These species also have a good sense of hearing through the eardrums they have on their front legs. Crickets grow from 2 to 5 cm. These little things can basically be found almost anywhere but they tend to be absent from areas that have high latitudes, but this does not stop them from colonizing large and small islands. They can even fly over the seas in order to reach their destinations. Moreover, crickets also live on canopies, bushes, grasses and even trees; some even in beaches. Crickets are omnivorous beings, they can either eat fruits, leaves, grasses, seedlings, moulting insects, eggs, larvae and scale insects. Talk about cannibalism? Turns out that these things will do whatever they have to do in order to be able to feed.

While these things may not pose as a great threat to humans, it is still beneficial to get rid of them.

Essential Spray

Aside from soap spray, which is by the way, also effective for pest elimination, you can use natural home spices in making your own formulated insecticide to use against these insects. For this method, you’ll need to have a bit of a variety on your spice and chili products. You may either use spices, sauces and peppers. Mix these things thoroughly and add some water to top off your spray and then leave it on for one night. The next morning, strain the mixture and collect the liquid portion of it. Add another dishwashing detergent and a glass of water before placing the liquid in a spray bottle. Then use the mixture to spray on your plants and other areas where the crickets would usually go.

Diatomaceous Earth

Another effective homemade solution for eliminating crickets is through the use of this particular powder. Diatomaceous Earth has the ability to turn algae skeletons or exoskeletons into a powdered form which is definitely harmless for humans and pets but very harmful to tiny pests. All you have to do is sprinkle this powder on portions where the crickets usually lie. It will eventually cause dehydration to them, killing them in the end.

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