Best Mice Control Near Me

Best Mice Control Near Me

Best Mice Control Near Me

Mice are small mammals that have distinctly pointed snouts, paired with small rounded ears. They typically have a body length much shorter than the length of their tail. The species we’re speaking of are called Mus Musculus, which are found in homes (although these creatures can basically live anywhere – inside restaurants, buildings, attics, grass fields, gardens, forests and even your house)! They are known to invade places for food and shelter. As much as these things can be toxic and dangerous in nature, these species are actually one of the most common animals that are being used for laboratory research and development activities; one of the primary reasons for this is because this species has a high similarity of homology when compared with humans. A mouse has approximately 2.7 billion base pairs and at least 20 chromosomes. Another reason why these rodents are constantly used for laboratory testing is that they are inexpensive, small, have simple diets and can reproduce very quickly. Mice also have exquisite hearing abilities that are much better than ours. They can actually hear ultrasounds all the way up to 90kHz. Ultrasounds are also what mice use to communicate with each other, even for serenading other mice in their groups.

Even with all of these cool fun facts, we still don’t want rodents roaming our homes and invading our pantries. That’s why we’ve created a list of some of the best ways for you to get rid of mice in your home:


Naphthalene is a white, solid substance that gives off a strong scent for mice. When mice inhale a substance such as this, it causes their blood cells to lose the ability to carry oxygen. This is why you’ll hear that this item is usually used when getting rid of mice. It is also believed that having naphthalene balls placed near a mouse’s nest is enough to get rid of rodents, but if you use these substance balls in greater amounts, then you’ll probably be able to resolve any infestation in your home.

Peppermint Oil

We know, peppermint oil is probably one of the best smelling natural oils that can be used in homes. While you may like the smell of peppermint oil, rodents do not enjoy this scent. The reason for this is because mint oil is presumed to have a great amount of concentrated peppermint, which can be quite toxic for creatures that use their sense of smell for direction and to hunt for their food.

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