Bug Exterminator Company in Charlotte NC

Bug Exterminator Company in Charlotte NC

bug-exterminator-company-in-charlotte-ncBug Exterminator Company in Charlotte NC

This is one yucky creature that feeds on blood – the bed bug, botanically named Cimex lectularius is a common bug found in homes and is many times presumed to be as a result of bad sanitation in homes. While this is not entirely accurate, proper sanitation could help reduce places they hide.

About bed bugs

They are wingless and their preferred host are humans although they feed on other warm blooded animals. It is not conclusive that they transmit any disease rather they cause delayed swellings, rashes and irritations that can last a week. What makes these bugs rated among the notorious indoor pests is the nature of their meal and their radical approach to life. They can stay months without feeding on a blood meal, therefore, extermination is a necessity.

Interesting Facts

Once you identify bed bugs in your vicinity, locate possible hiding places and exterminate either with heat, chemical or non-chemical treatments. Irrespective of how cautious you are, once a beg bug finds its way into your home, it reproduces immediately. They are very smart and keep themselves hidden many times during the day and come out at night. Bed bugs have saliva that contains anesthesia, which is why you sleep through the bites.

Other kinds of NC bugs

Fire ants, fleas, termites and ticks are also bugs and have an abode in NC. Termites for example, have destroyed about $51 billion yearly. The fire ants sting and would immediately produce a pus that when scratched can either become infected or leave a scar.

Getting rid of bugs

If you have a bug infestation here in North Carolina, call us today to help identify which specific bug is bothering you and watch our pest professionals solve this problem.


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