Every time you eat, you will notice some flies flying around that would also like to eat with you. It feels uncomfortable to enjoy your meal when pesky insects or bugs are around. Flies are not simple insects but they are pests and should be eliminated. Not getting rid of them can lead to infestations, illnesses, and inconveniences.

Flies belong to the long lists of pest libraries and almost all people around the world are encountering them. Whether you have a fly infestation or not, they are so annoying that you wish they did not exist. Most of the time, you will see flies near garbage bins, rotting things, and where food is available. They land on almost everything so if a fly landed on your meal, get rid of it rather than getting sick.

When flies are present, the best answer is always pest control. It is the solution to all pest problems including flies. Professional pest exterminators like Thomasville Exterminators have the experience and know what to do with vermin infesting properties. They have proper equipment that guarantees to remove pests like flies.

On the other hand, DIY pest control is popular today but not all are convinced of its ability to get rid of pests like flies. Doing DIY pest control can be money and time saving but it does not give the results you want. Because of this, people are bypassing pest control though they know vermin are around.

Does pest control the solution to your fly problems? Let us find out.

The Dangers of Flies

There are several species of flies that you can encounter but the most often one that will infest your home are house flies. Did you know that flies in all species are dangerous? If you are not aware, you will be now because the house flies you see at home can bring a lot of danger which you probably did not know.

Flies are dangerous because they carry viruses that can lead to several diseases. They transmit these bacteria by landing on the food you eat and sometimes you will notice them. Once you ingest the food where flies have landed, you can acquire some diseases. Here are the diseases that the pest can transmit to humans.


The disease infects the intestines and when you have cholera, the common signs and symptoms are abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea, changes in skin color. The disease rarely infects the USA, but you still have to be careful because if you contract the disease and have it not treated, it can lead to fatalities.

Typhoid fever

Another disease that flies can infect humans is typhoid fever. When you drink or eat infected food, that’s how the pest transmits the disease. The common symptoms are high fever, loss of appetite, fatigue, stomachaches, skin rashes, headaches, weight loss, vomiting, and diarrhea. Typhoid fever does not cause an outbreak in the USA, but serious cases can lead to death.


Aside from cholera and typhoid fever, dysentery is another disease that you can get when you have flies at home. This is the most common virus that you can get from flies and at least 200,000 incidents are happening in the USA yearly. Some of the symptoms of dysentery are cramps, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, blood in the stool, abdominal pain, and gassiness.

These are some of the diseases that you and your family can get if you allow flies to infest your home. If you want to have a fly-free home and a healthy environment, Thomasville Exterminators can eliminate the cause of the problem and help you achieve your goal in no time.

How to Get Rid of Flies

Do you keep on seeing flies in your property? No worries because we can help you get rid of them once they appear inside or outside of your place. These are ways to eliminate flies successfully.

Keep your yard clean

One way to get rid of flies is by keeping a clean yard. Since the pest will first infest the outside of your home, particularly the yard, you have to keep it neat so that flies will not be attracted. If your backyard has animal wastes, flies will immediately come because it attracts them. To avoid flies from infesting your home, what you need to do is remove all animal wastes if you have pets like cats and dogs.

Make sure to throw feces away from your house. Another way to keep your yard free from flies is by keeping trash bins covered. The pest loves the garbage you throw, they will come when they see it uncovered. You have to put lids on bins so that the pest will not have the chance to forage for food. So, make sure to keep trash bins tightly sealed. Do not forget to mow your yard because tall grass can lure the pest into your property. If you still want help from a professional, Thomasville Exterminators are a call away.

Repel with scents

If you like fragrant smells, flies hate it and it can be your weapon to get rid of them. There are scents that the pest does not like, and you can take advantage of it. You can use lavender oil or have a lavender plant in your place. The scent that lavender emits is too strong for flies so the pest will never get near your place if they smell it.

Another scent that the pest hates is citrus. If you have citrus fruits at home, use the peels to repel flies. Place it on areas where the pests typically present or where they tend to enter so that they will never be able to invade your home anytime. Basil is another plant or scent you can use to deter flies. Put basil plants on windows and doors so that flies will be at bay. There are scents that flies love and hate. If you use what they dislike, your home will be free from pesky pests.

Put fly traps

If you want to catch flies without chasing and smashing them, fly traps are the answer. There are traps that you can buy in the market or you can do one if you want to save money. You should know that using traps must be installed properly so that it will work. You have to put traps on areas where flies are usually present, or you can put baits near traps so that flies are easily lured. 

These are the ways to keep a fly-free home. You can do these without help from professionals but if you want to keep the pest away for good, Thomasville Exterminators should be summoned as they know what to.

Is Pest Control the Answer to Flies?

If you doubt pest control, you’d better not because it is among the best solutions if you have flies at home. Pest control helps in maintaining pest-free properties because pest exterminators like Thomasville Exterminators have the best solutions to flies. They can easily access the right treatments and pest control products that you cannot. Pest control eliminates live flies, eggs, larvae, and more to ensure that no new generations will emerge. 

Pest control can get rid of flies because pest exterminators are well-rounded about the pest. They know how the pest behaves, their food preference, where they hide, breed, and nest. Exterminators are familiar not only with flies but with all types of pests so you can depend on them anytime. In pest control, proper extermination methods are used and with this, it is easier to get rid of flies than doing the control on your own. Effectiveness is always guaranteed when pest control is done and if you avail pest control for flies from professionals, your fly issues will be gone for good.

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