We get it, to have an infestation of the usual kind of ants in your home can already be quite frustrating, but what more if it’s carpenter ants you’re dealing with? Now with the name of the ant, you might probably have an idea already on what they are associated with most of the time. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites. But what they do is they hollow out areas of the wood structure in your home to use that space for their nests. When doing this, carpenter ants chew on what they prospect to be their passageways which will create tiny sections in the wood area which are known to be “galleries” for them. When the effects of the carpenter ant is left untreated, there may be severe consequences like larger nests within inner parts of wooden structures of a house. Carpenter ants can also develop extra nests in other wooden areas which can on the latter damage wood in delicate areas in your home.

If you are sure that it is carpenter ants you’re dealing with, then you’re probably thinking how you’ll be able to get rid of such hidden creatures in the parts of your home. Well the good news is, there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the way you can get rid of these pests.

Carpenter Ant baits

One of the best ways to eradicate a carpenter ant infestation is to target the ants which are showing through their trails. This can practically be done by creating baits that are deadly. This is a great way to get rid of the ants since it will target the entire colony. When the carpenter ant goes out to hunt for food and picks up the poisoned bait, they will be carrying it back to their nest which can ultimately kill their entire colony. The important thing to remember when doing this method is to find baits that are specifically attractive to ants alone so that other pests won’t take in the bait instead of the carpenter ants.

Carpenter Ant insecticides

If the ant baits are not working out too much, you can try looking at some of the pesticides and insecticides that you can use specifically for carpenter ants. We strongly recommend that you use chemicals that are not harmful for humans and the environment though. Once you’ve chosen the insecticide you want to use, select a perimeter in your area where you’ll be using the solution on a concentrated manner. This works best in keeping the carpenter ants away from your home and from spreading further to other parts of your area.

Go-Forth Pest Control

Finally, there is one solution that can end all your pest issues and it is by calling us! Our team of pest control experts are well trained to provide you high quality pest control services that are sure to get rid of the pests in your home as well as keep them away for good.

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