Preparation sheets are like a checklist of the list of things you’re expected to do prior and after the treatment done to your home. It aims to give importance to proper sanitation and actions that must be done by the homeowner before the pest control team starts to initiate the treatment.

Here are some things that are usually included in a cockroach preparation sheet:

  • The kitchen counter, sink, stove and equipment must be cleaned thoroughly. It is strongly inadvisable to leave any uncleaned dishes on the sink.  You will also be advised to pull out any big furniture or equipment in order to let the pest control team have a better look at the portions of your house. If you have smoke alarms, you will also be advised to turn them off.
  • Food and kitchenware is expected to be removed from the kitchen cabinets. The cupboards are supposed to be washed inside and outside, the drawers too, and the countertops as well. There should be no items on the kitchen tops to provide a clear space for the pest control experts.
  • The bathroom should be cleaned as much as the kitchen is cleared. All cabinets and sink should be emptied and wiped out in order to get rid of previous pest dirt.
  • Make sure that you empty all the trash bins inside your home and properly dispose of everything outside the house.
  • Vacuum all rags, carpets and spots in the house. Even those areas that are difficult to reach as these are also places where the inspector will check with.
  • Clothes hung in closets are expected to be placed on beds. As well as shoes should be taken out from the closets in order to let the inspectors have a good look at the closet corners and walls.
  • Pets as much as possible are not allowed to be present near the time of the prior inspection and that fish tanks are advised to be taken out, if not then covered properly with the pumps shut off.
  • Children’s toys and other pet items should not be exposed to the open just like kitchen items.
  • Family members who are ill or pregnant are not advised to stay as the treatment goes on since the chemicals to be used may somehow pose as a threat to their health.
  • After the treatment has been made, the homeowners are not expected to enter the house at least for four hours. Consult with your pest control company whether or not you’re allowed to enter the house already and whether or not you can go back to your normal routine already.

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