First of all, we wanna clear something out. Fleas bite. They don’t just suck, they bite! Unfortunately, these little irritating insects can cause much more trouble than just the itchiness that they can bring. They can be vectors for different types of diseases from different areas of the world! Fleas are insects and so it is no surprise that they reproduce very fast which is why it is best to always take the initiative in doing whatever necessary precautions to avoid any flea presence in your home.

A bit more background about fleas, they belong to the family of bugs. Fleas are slightly slower than the usual size of bugs – typically never larger than a tip of a pen. It’s colors tend to be either black or brown. Unlike other insects, fleas do not have the ability to fly and this is because they do not grow wings. But they grow very long legs at the back part of their bodies which allow them to jump up to more than 3 times their size. They have thin and flat exoskeletons which mean that they are able to shift and stay in small spaces and hide very effectively from humans or predators which makes it almost impossible to cure an infestation by just doing DIY measures.

As mosquito bites can be very easy to determine, flea bites are just as easy to detect. Flea bites may not appear as light as a mosquito bite bump but more of a red-colored bump that usually is surrounding with a halo type skin rash near the center of the bite. The bites usually come in groups of three or four or in a straight line and the bites may commonly be found around the ankle or lower leg area of a person. Although in some cases, when humans are exposed to furniture and items that have fleas all around it, the bites may occur in various parts of the body such as the armpits, groin, breasts, arms, knees, elbows, waists and even nape.

Flea bites pose very little symptoms but one thing that allows it to be determined most of the time is of how itchy and eventually painful and sore a flea bite and infected area can become. The victim may even experience hives and other skin rashes in the area of the bite. Moreover, if a victim scratches on the bitten area too much, it can cause worse damage to the skin as a secondary bacterial infection can further occur because of the irritation.

While flea bites seem to be something that needs to be handled very gently, humans do not need to worry much about its dangers on the human body. With pets on the other hand, flea bites are threats to skin conditions and irritations. Which is why it’s important to call in professional pest control experts such as Go-Forth Pest Control in order to make sure that your environment is free from any type of pests or infestations that are not good for you and your pet’s health.

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