Extermination Prices for Insects in Columbia SC

Extermination Prices for Insects in Columbia SC

fumigation-prices-for-insects-in-columbia-scMillipede Control Near Me

Millipedes are harmless creature found mostly living in gardens and have a lot of beneficial effects in Columbia, SC but when there is an infestation it means that they are present in large numbers and this can be very irritating to some people especially those with a phobia.

Infestation season is during autumn when there are dead leaves all around and the mating season has past but there can also be infestation during spring too. They have long bodies that are divided into segments with each segment having two pair of legs.

They feed on dead and decaying plants which make them valuable in the decomposition process but when they are in large numbers and find their way into the home that is when there will be problems.

Signs that you have a millipede infestation on your hands are when you start seeing them in large numbers usually in clusters and the sight is quite irritating. After mating season, infestation is more likely to occur and millipedes are different from centipedes.

Although you can do some control yourself, during infestation it is best you contact a professional pest control company. Some prevention and control tips of millipedes:

  • Garden bed should be well kept and watering reduced.
  • Entry points onto the house should be sealed
  • Spraying the surroundings helps take care of infestations.
  • Try to store your fire woods off the ground
  • Make sure your lawn grass is short
  • Make sure your surrounding is neat, gutters cleaned and debris removed.

Our experts ensure that your millipede problems go away and for fumigation services of other pests in your home, you can call our customer care representative and we will give you an affordable quotation for your pest problems.

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