Extermination Prices for Pests in Raleigh NC

Extermination Prices for Pests in Raleigh NC

fumigation-prices-for-pests-in-raleigh-ncExtermination Prices for Crickets

You know your home has been infested with crickets the moment you start hearing their chirping sounds. That can be really annoying as they most especially chirp at night when you really need to rest.

When left without any control measures put in place, their population grows and before you know it your home is infested by crickets. The chirping sound is to attract the female and that’s how it all begins.

Their sizes vary depending on the species but their colors are usually black or brown in color. They live mostly outdoor but sometimes are attracted to homes by the lights.

There are many types of crickets found in the house and the most common ones include:

The Mole Cricket – they are mostly brown or reddish brown in color and can easily be recognized by their mole like front legs. They are very good diggers and are mostly responsible for some of the damages to your lawn especially when the infestation has become really bad.

Jerusalem Crickets – they are usually brown with a black band on their abdomen and are quite big, bigger than most other crickets. They are not commonly found in homes but when they do, the chirping sound is quite annoying.

Some control tips for crickets include:

  • Wood should be kept separately and a bit far from the house.
  • Seal cracks found in your home because this is how they get inside.
  • Remove any leaf litter around the house as this provides a good shelter for them.
  • Dispose of any unwanted wood pile and furniture from the house surroundings.

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