Beetles are often confused with bugs. Some people considered them as one and the same, and use the terms “beetles” and “bugs” interchangeably. However, beetles and bugs are still two different creatures. A common beetle can be identified from a bug by their hard exoskeletons and tough fore-wings called elytra.

Beetles have about 350,000 species that make up the 40% of insects species. In the US alone, there are about 30,000 beetle species. Beetles are widely distributed and can be seen in every part of the world except in the polar region. A female beetle can lay a dozen to hundreds of eggs depending on its species.

Beetles are a nuisance because they can damage fabric, woods, and stored food at home. There are also many beetle species that are pests in agriculture.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are common household pests. They can be found all over the USA. Some (but not) all species of carpet beetle have the ability to fly. Carpet beetle types include but are not limited to varied carpet beetle, black carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle.

The larvae stage of carpet beetle is the nuisance. They measure about 4 to 8 millimeters long and are oblong in shape. They infest and damage fabric materials at home such as carpets, clothing, and beddings as well as ornamental decorations. Their sharp hair may puncture human skin and cause irritation or allergic reaction like allergic rhinitis, lymphadenopathy, vasculitis, urticarial and dermatitis. In addition to that, some patients who are severely sensitive or have weak immune system may also develop irritation of the respiratory tract and eyes.

An adult carpet beetle can measure about 2 to 5 millimeters long and are more rounded in shape compare to larva. They have a lifespan of about 1 to 3 years. The adult’s primary sources of food are nectar and pollen. They may also search and eat human food such as cereals, rice, and flour.

Beetle Infestation Prevention

It is better to prevent beetles from entering your home than getting rid of them once they have already invaded and caused damage.

• Choose synthetic leather materials over organic for your home equipment.

• Seal and store properly the unused clothes and other fabric materials. Put them under the sun at least once a year.

• Regularly clean the house. Vacuum clean the carpets.

When To See A Professional Beetle Exterminator?

While carpet beetles are easy to kill once you have spotted them because they move slowly, detecting and catching all of them can be difficult. They are solitary creatures who prefer to attack alone. One can be on the carpet, one can be on the couch, one can be on the cabinet, and the other one can be on the bed, requiring you to inspect every corner of your house and get rid of them one by one.

Once they have already caused major damages at home, that’s the time you should really hire a pest control professional. You can always buy new clothes, new beddings, and new carpets but beetles can still damage those new materials if you weren’t able to get rid of them all.

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