Exterminator Near Me for Gnats

Exterminator Near Me for Gnats

Exterminator Near Me for Gnats

Gnats are diverse species of flying insects. They do not cause destruction to structures but may annoy by contaminating our food and biting us. Gnat species found at home and considered pest include but not limited to Fungus gnats, Eye gnats, Buffalo gnats, and Sand gnats.

Gnats may carry and transmit diseases to humans and other animals.

Diseases Associated With Gnats

Pythiosis – a rare deadly disease that affects both humans and other animals such as horses, dogs, and cats

Conjunctivitis – inflammation, and swelling of the eyes (sore eyes)

Leishmaniasis – an infection that is most common in Africa. It affects the skin and internal organs. Symptoms include skin sores, nosebleed, stuffy and runny nose.

Carrison’s disease – Believed to be endemic only in South American countries like Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Symptoms include anemia, muscle, and joint pain, and severe headache.

Oraya Fever – the acute phase of Carrison’s disease. It is a serious and life-threatening disease that mainly affects children and pregnant women.

Sandfly Fever Virus – also known as Pappataci fever. Mostly occurs in Eastern Hemisphere. Symptoms include high fever, muscle, and joint aches.

Infestation and Control

Fungus gnats can also be destructive in agriculture, particularly in greenhouse crops. They feed on fungi, decaying plant material, and plant roots causing direct damage to the plants.

To control these pests in crops, people usually use predatory mites. Predatory mites are types of mites that eat other insects but do not bite and are not harmful to humans.

There are many solutions to gnat problems that you can do at home. These include:

• Use insecticide containing d-limonene, linalool, or Pyrethrin Aerosol.

• Use eucalyptus, citronella and lavender oil. It may come in candle and spray form.

• Mix boric acid and borax. This mixture is also effective in controlling other pests.

• Use electronic traps. Trap works in getting rid of many types of gnats and flies. It works by attracting insects with its light, then shock them when they’ve entered the trap.

• Do not expose fruits. Most gnats’ primary food sources are fruits. Store fruits properly and dispose peels immediately outside the house.

• Use apple cider vinegar trap. Mix apple cider vinegar with liquid dish soap in a transparent cup. The smell of it will attract gnats. Then once gnats go near the mixture they can be drowned.

• Make red wine trap. Also works like apple cider vinegar trap but red wine should be pure.

• Make banana trap. Put banana peels into a jar, cover the jar using a plastic, then pinch the plastic cover using a sewing needle to create small holes. Make sure that the gnats will fit in the holes.

• You can also buy ready to use traps specifically designed for gnats.

• Pour bleach into a sink. Drainage is where gnats are breeding.

If problem isn’t fixed by these solutions. Pest management professionals can help you. They get rid of gnats and other pests effectively and safely.

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