Exterminator Near Me For Stink Bugs

Exterminator Near Me For Stink Bugs

Exterminator Near Me For Stink Bugs

Stink bugs or shield bugs have about 200 species present in the US. Some species are predatory, but most are herbivorous and are major problems in the agricultural industry. It got its name from the foul odor that they release, which is characterized as pungent, coriander-like smell. This odor is produced from their gland in their abdomen to defend themselves from their predators such as birds and lizards.

Stink Bug Species

Some species of stink bug include but are not limited to:

Brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) – the most common stink bug species. They are native to East Asian countries and were accidentally distributed to the US in 1998. They are herbivorous and became a serious pest in the agricultural industry.

Green stink bug – These are found throughout North America. They are also herbivorous but do not seem to impose harm on plants.

Giant strong-nosed stink bug – also known as alcaeorrhynchus grandis. They eat plants and other insects and are known to be beneficial in being a predator of soybean pests. They are commonly found in South American countries such as Brazil, Columbia, Mexico as well as in the US.

Twice-stabbed stink bug – also known as Cosmopepla lintneriana. They are herbivorous and eat milk thistle, echinacea, asparagus, oats, mint, and goldenrod. They are found and widely spread in US, Canada, and Mexico.

Rice stink bug – has a more unique physical feature that makes them easier to identify from other stink bug species. They are native to North America but become a major agricultural pest in South America like in Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

Florida predatory stink bug – found in Southeastern US. They are predatory. They eat other pests (which is considered beneficial) such as worms, beetles, weevils and other species of stink bug such as southern green stink bug.

Southern green stink bug – may have originated in Ethiopia and now found around the world. They are different from (but have a resemblance to) green stink bug. They are herbivorous. They feed on over 30 families of plants and prefer legumes.

Stink Bug Control

Stink bugs are pests that have caused a big problem in agriculture in the past. They occasionally become pests in households every fall and winter, starting from the month of September when they invade human homes to search for a warmer place and food. However, they are generally not harmful. They do not bite humans, destroy properties, nor carry and transmit diseases. While female stink bugs can lay hundreds of eggs during their lifetime, they are unable to reproduce inside your home during cold seasons.

But, their stinky annoying smell would surely be enough reason for you to get rid of them once they have invaded your home.

Hiring a professional exterminator is the best way to get rid of stink bugs. Since these creatures are believed to be resistant to pesticides, do-it-yourself treatment may not be effective. You may only put yourself at risk if you experiment with over-the-counter pesticides.

A professional pest exterminator will not just help you to kill pests once they have already invaded your home, they can also prevent pests from entering your home beforehand. You may contact a professional exterminator any time to receive more information on how to approach stink bugs.

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