Fall Bug Watch

Fall Bug Watch

The fall season is fast approaching, filled with bonfires, Friday night football games and we hope for your sake no bugs. The summer and spring seasons are known for their mosquitoes, bees, and ants but there are unfortunately just as many bothersome pests around in the fall. To help further your education on fall time bugs here are 3 common to look out for.

First, let’s start out with a very common type of bug often seen around a house or garden. The Asian lady beetle this is one of the many thousands of types of lady bugs around the world. The ladybug originating from Asia is typically more of a pale tan to dull red color than the more traditional lady bug and can have from none to many dark circular spots.

Another native bug in Asia is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is brown in color and is relatively flat. This bug becomes a nuisance when it is hit or smashed letting off a very foul smelling odor.

Last of all the Boxelder bugs which are actually natives to the United States. These pests are black with three red lines along their back. The Boxelder bugs are attracted to light and warmth, so they will quickly slip in through the window seals when cold weather starts to hit.


To prevent or exterminate a fall bug infestation contact your local pest control exterminators.



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