Fall’s Latest Threat: The Puss Caterpillar

Fall’s Latest Threat: The Puss Caterpillar

While enjoying time outside this fall with your family in NC or VA, watch out for one of the season’s most harmful pests — the Puss Caterpillar. The poison of this venomous pest can cause rashes and has the potential to send those who come in contact with it to the hospital.

There have been multiple reports of stings from the Puss Caterpillar, also known as the Megalopyge opercularis, which have sent children to the hospital in both North Carolina and Virginia.

As the most venomous caterpillar in the United States, this caterpillar contains poison that is hidden in hollow spines among its hairs. Even the slightest brush of the arm against this dangerous pest can cause its small barbs to get stuck in your skin. The resulting pressure on your glands will then cause the venom to be released into your body. Once the venom is released into your body, you get an instant reaction that feels like a bee or wasp sting, followed by redness and swelling that can spread up the arm and last for 20-30 minutes.

Unfortunately for a 4-year-old in Boiling Lakes, NC and a 2-year-old in Virginia, they accidently touched this pest, which at first glance, seemed harmless. Both of these children ended up in the hospital, but are reportedly doing fine.

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