Flea Control Methods & Products in Raleigh NC

Flea Control Methods & Products in Raleigh NC

flea-control-methods-and-products-in-raleigh-ncHome Remedies for Fleas

Fleas are a nightmare when they infest the house because of their disturbing bites and even though most of the time they  don’t bite humans, it is still heart wrenching to watch our poor pets have to suffer from their bites. If they aren’t noticed early it could escalate into a terrible situation. Fleas like to cling to furry surfaces, that’s why they love the pets so much,  also things like carpets, rugs, sweaters and so on in houses can be a home for fleas. To get rid of them and take total control of your home and restore happiness and health to your pets, these home remedies and treatments for fleas can be used.  

Citrus Spray

Because insecticides are poisonous, it’s a safer option to use less poisonous  means and citrus sprays are a good repellents for fleas. Just spray them on surfaces  that are prone to have them hiding like rugs and places where your pets stay and then air dry when possible.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a very useful thing to have around the house because they can be used for a variety  of purposes from cooking to cleaning and now even to repel insects like fleas. When sprayed around flea prone areas and or used for cleaning of the surfaces and clothes,  apple cider vinegar can keep the fleas away in no time.

Organic Repellent

You can make organic flea repellent from some oils and some plants or fruits like neem oil,  lavender, witch hazel, coconut oil, salt and so on. These organic repellents can be applied to furniture, clothes and even directly on pets of they are safe.  


Fleas thrive in humid areas, so if you have a flea problem it may be time to think about  doing some cleaning and letting in a little fresh air. This cleaning  routine should extend to pets because washing and combing their furs can help get out some fleas.

At the end of the day,  you may need to take more serious actions to eliminate the fleas, but these home remedies can get your pets smiling again in no time.

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