Flea Control Services in Winston-Salem NC

Flea Control Services in Winston-Salem NC

flea-control-services-winston-salem-ncPest Control for Fleas

Do you need to get rid of fleas in your Winston-Salem, NC home? It can be time consuming to deal with the fleas yourself. In fact, am getting itchy just thinking about fleas. This is because when you realize you have a problem with fleas, most likely a full blown flea infestation has occurred. A professional exterminator can help you get rid of them. 

You should not panic because a full-blown flea infestation sounds worse than it is, or maybe I just wanted to feel better about it. However, with the aid of the time tested method below, you will be able to get rid of fleas within a short period of time.

Well, we are all aware that fleas come from pets, pets are wonderful creatures and they bring us endless joy. However, the shortcoming of having pets in the home is that they can bring fleas. However, you should not blame the pet for the fleas infestation because humans can also track fleas into the house. Fleas can jump on you whenever you are in the yard and hitchhike a free ride into your house when they multiply. Within a week, you could discover a full-blown flea infestation has taken over, right under your unsuspecting nose.

Now, you might not even observe when your dog or cat seems to be scratching a lot more than usual. However, you will observe whenever the fleas bite you, at such point the flea problem then turns into an emergency situation which you have to handle appropriately.

The first step to the control of fleas is to search for fleas on your pet, when you part the hair, fleas will run the other direction and then hide. You may also find it difficult to see the flea without the use of special flea comb. However, when it is used you will be able to see the fleas and also control them appropriately.

Flea combs can be used easily but you need to be prepared to dispose of any live fleas which are trapped in the teeth of the comb. So, here are the appropriate steps to follow:

Start the combing from the head of the pet close to the ears, also check near the tail or under the arms.

Ensure the comb is run quickly backward via the fur.

So before the fleas started running away from the comb, ensure you dip the comb into a bowl containing a solution of liquid dish wash soap which is mixed with a small amount of water.

Any fleas that were trapped in the teeth will die in the soap water.

Repeat as long as your pet will tolerate you dragging a wet comb through his or her fur. You should try to offer treats so as to prolong the treatment without a big fuss.

Spotting Fleas On You

You should wear a white pants and then walk around the premises, this is because fleas are attached to white clothing and can be spotted against a white background.

Flea Control for your Pets

Combing out the fleas is a temporary measure, the best thing is to kill the fleas that are present on your pet and kill those that hop aboard later. There are some other products which can also be used to get rid of fleas; these products will prevent them from coming back for at least three weeks.

However, once the flea infestation in your home is well controlled, it might take a couple more treatments to kill the remaining fleas as well as those that hatch. The most essential thing is perseverance; you should not give up under any circumstance.


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