How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Winston-Salem NC

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Winston-Salem NC

how-to-get-rid-of-bed-bugs-winston-salem-ncPest Control for Bed Bugs – Easy Techniques to Use for Removal

Bed bugs happen to be extremely small pests that feast on human blood, and at times – the blood of about any mammal out there. These do not fly but are tough to locate due to their size – as these are only 0.5 cm in length. These tend to hide themselves throughout the day. These bugs are named so as they can be generally found to inhabit soiled mattresses and dirty bedding. These, however, can also be found in wall cracks and carpets in Winston-Salem, NC. It is tough to get rid of such bugs, but definitely not impossible. Here are some easy pest removal techniques to use to remove such bugs.

Paint / varnish furniture

This is reported to be one of the best techniques to kill bed bugs indirectly. Varnish and paint seal the cracks and holes in furniture items and cut off the easy access of bed bugs to humans and other mammals. You should hire a professional to do the paint job, or exercise caution if you are doing it on your own, so that the toxic fumes from the varnish or paint do not cause you any harm.

Spray organic insecticide / pesticide

If you suspect an infestation, spraying organic insecticide or pesticide inside your home or on the furniture items can be a great way to deal with bed bugs. You can buy any of the bed bug control sprays that are available on the market. Choose one that is safe for humans but very effective in dealing with pests such as bed bugs.

Use hot water for washing

It is possible that bugs have infested your bed sheets, covers and clothing. If you wake up with bug bites in the morning, it is a good idea to use hot water to wash the items to exterminate the bugs. Bugs cannot survive in high temperatures, and hot water is an easy way to kill them.

Steam treatment

You can also avoid bugs by vacuuming your furniture and bags. This is a common way of pest control to deal with bugs and other pests.

If there is too much infestation, call up professional exterminators to handle the problem. 

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