How to Get Rid of Insects in Charlotte NC

How to Get Rid of Insects in Charlotte NC

how-to-get-rid-of-insects-in-charlotte-ncAre you looking for a natural way to remove insects from your house in Charlotte, NC? It is not healthy to share your house with insects. They are a source of disease that might lead to some serious consequences. This is the reason why you must remove insects from your house. In this write-up, we have listed the natural ways to eliminate various insects from your house.

Read on to know how you can get rid of insects.


If you are tired of having houseflies in your home, you can do the following things to keep them away. They survive in hot weather, this is why they lay eggs outside. The places where they can lay eggs include soil, garbage, sewage, animal waste, lawn clippings, and rotten food.

  • An effective way to get rid of houseflies is to keep your house neat and clean. You must declutter your yard and seal all your food. It is recommended not to leave the door open and use garbage bin with a tightly sealed lid.
  • According to experts, placing crushed mint leaves around your house is an easy method to restrict them from entering your house.
  • In case there is an infestation of flies in your drainage system, you can flush down boiling water with bleach powder to eliminate the infestations by pests.
  • You can even use Eucalyptus oil, it is famous for having repellent properties. All you have to do is add few drops on a cloth and use it on the area where flies are a problem.


Another insect that might cause a problem for you is ants. They are social insects that live in colonies and can be millions in number. There are plenty of species of ants, however, the most common type is an acrobat, odorous, payment carpenter, and pharaoh. House ants are dangerous for your health as they can get in food and cause stinging bites. They can even cause damage to your property and plants. This is why you have to get rid of these pests as soon as possible.

  • To get rid of ants, you can use cucumber. It is recommended to use cucumber in slices and keep them at the entry points of ants. Ants don’t like the smell of cucumber and they will eventually not gain access. Bitter cucumber slices are even better to remove ants.
  • If there are ants in cracked decks, then you can use cloves to remove them.
  • You can even use a soap solution to eradicate ants from your house. You can mix a dish soap and mix it with water.
  • A good way to eradicate pharaoh ants is by using boric acid and mint apple jelly.
  • In case, you want to get rid of a colony of ants, you can use water, sugar, and borax. All you have to do is dip cotton balls in the solution and keep them in a yogurt container. Don’t forget to have holes in the container. The ants will get access and take the bait to their colony. This is an easy way to remove a lager colony of ants.

All in all, you must quickly remove these insects from your house. It is advised to get expert help as they are better equipped to deal with insect infestations.

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