Home Remedies & Treatments for Bugs in Raleigh NC

Home Remedies & Treatments for Bugs in Raleigh NC

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Bugs are a disturbance and when you have them in your Raleigh, NC home, there is no limits to how annoying they get from biting to crawling up into places they do not belong. Some home remedies and treatment for bugs you can stand your ground and destroy them. These home remedies when used properly can be very effective to giving you a bug-free house, so why endure those blood-sucking bugs when you can get rid of them with easy home remedies. First thing to do is to locate the source of the infestation and use the following remedies:  


Cleaning is almost always an option for getting rid of many home infestations, and in this case it is one of them. Vacuum cleaning hideouts for bugs can help to get them out because of the pressure from the vacuum cleaners. For tiny corners, a hose vacuum cleaner can be used.

Clean Furniture

Sometimes bugs infestation can be because of dark furniture in the house that are in positions where sun rarely hits it, and the hot burning sensation and light from the sun can be effective to driving them from hiding in furniture.

Use of Bug Repellents

There are some bugs repellents that are easy to use and handle, these can be sprayed and or applied to infected areas in order to kill the bugs afterwards a cleaning routing to avoid harmful effects that could arise from the chemicals used to make these repellents. When using this option, it is important to read the caution notes on the products before use and store away from the reach of children.


Hot kitchen spices are effective in driving away bugs, spices like ginger, hot pepper, garlic and so on can be made into sprays and applied in places that are highly infested.

All these home remedies for treating bugs mentioned above are easy to do and easy to handle, with products that can be found easily in the home or at corner stores.


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