Home Remedies & Treatments for Rodents in Raleigh NC

Home Remedies & Treatments for Rodents in Raleigh NC

home-remedies-and-treatments-for-rodents-in-raleigh-ncThe Most Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rodents

Are you looking for the best ways to keep rodents away from your home in Raleigh, NC? If so, the following is a list of the most effective home remedies that will keep them out of your sight.

One or a Group

Rodents are nocturnal creatures and most of them do their work at night. You can hear them scratching the ceiling, chewing clothes and even scratching food containers and walls at night

The characteristics of the rodent infestation will help determine the number of rodents inside your home. These characteristics are: the number of chewed food containers, the levels of snatches at night, the quantity of droppings and the number of holes for hideouts.

Dangers of Rodent Infestation

The major danger of having rodents in your home is the fact that they can transmit diseases. Besides transmitting diseases, they are destructive and can cause fires when they decide to gnaw on the electric wiring in your house. When rodents move around your home looking for food, they might relieve themselves in your food and around your food preparation surfaces.

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Rodents

  • Find their entry points

Find all possible entry points and close them up. Also, cut off their possible access to food. For instance, you can close the trash-can tightly and you can also seal your food and store it in hard containers.  

  • Instant mashed potato

Place instant mashed potatoes in places that have signs of rodents. Once they consume the mashed potatoes, their stomach will swell and die. For this method to work, ensure there is no water for the rodent to drink.

If you suspect you have rodents in your home, the best thing is to deal with them before they make a huge mess. Contact us and we will discuss the best rodent exterminator cost package you should choose for the infestation.

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