Dealing with cockroaches has been almost everybody’s problem ever since the beginning of time. And quite frankly, getting rid of them has always been a very tedious process. But with the chemically based insecticides that are being sold in the market today, you’ll be able to easily deal with the problem. Although the use of powerful insecticides can be tolerated and can be reasonable especially if it’s only being used in certain amounts. Our advise is, you can use these chemicals as part of the preventive maintenance part of keeping roaches away from your home forever. But when dealing with a current infestation, here are some ways you can do to exterminate roaches.

Clean your house interior and exterior

Prevention is indeed better than cure. Right? As what should be done regardless of whether you have an infestation or not, you should clean your house thoroughly to avoid build up of dirt which can eventually attract pests to your home.  Cleaning up means making sure that you house is cleansed up to the most hidden corners there is which means wiping kitchen countertops every after meal or kitchen activity that you have, having the dishes done at once every after meal, sweeping floors from any food crumbs and cleaning up spillages immediately. Those are just some of the things that you need to do before you go to bed every night. We know, it may sound like it’s too much work to have to be done every day. But hey, if you do this each day then you might just have a pest free house sooner than you thought.

Close up entry points

And by close up we mean, by closing up all sorts of holes and cracks that may be ways on how the cockroaches enter into your home. This means checking on your pantry area, beneath your kitchen sinks, walls, and even baseboards for any type of hole or crack. Remember, cockroaches have very flexible exoskeletons which means that they can find ways to fit themselves even to a hole that’s as big as a pencils diameter. It may seem like hard work, but doing this is very much rewarding if you are determined to have a pest free home. To seal up holes and cracks, you may use commercial graded sealants or tubes of caulk.

Get rid of any moist areas

Cockroaches like to dwell in dark, moist and unclean spaces. And usually, moist builds up in places like the basement or underneath sinks. Which is why it’s important to have your water pipes check in order to deal with any leaks that tend to build up moisture in some areas of your house. By doing so, you’re not only getting rid of habitable spots for roaches in your home, but you’re also cutting of their source of water which is a basic need for them.

Eventually, you might probably need to call in the experts if you see no changes in the presence of roaches in your home. Call in Go-Forth Pest Control services and let’s talk about what we can do for you!

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