Insects are one of the most known pests that are also dangerous because of their ability to carry a number of diseases brought about by various infectious disease agents such as viruses, germs, bacteria and well parasites. Not to mention, that many diseases of these type can thrive in various type of environments even in tropical ones where Malaria is usually a problem.

There are many species that belong to the mosquito family and apparently, these species can very well survive in different types of habitats. The larvae which is the adults are formed into before being full grown, complete its life cycle in stagnant waters even in residential areas. These adult mosquitoes can transmit a vast range of diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, lymphatic filariasis, chikungunya virus or Japanese encephalitis. While mosquitoes come to fly a little bit less noisy than moths, their bites can come off really itchy and sometimes painful. They can even bite through clothing.


Flies or also known as Chrysops are those carriers of loa loa filariasis. There are black flies which transmit onchocerciasis while other members of their glossina genus species which are known to transmit disease such as the African trypanosomiasis while other types of flies such as sand flies are known to transmit leishmaniasis.

Bed Bugs

While mosquitoes may be available all over the world, there are some species of them that dwell in the borders of South America. These species are known to be the triatomines and the reduviidae which are known to carry the Chagas disease or what’s known as American trypanosomiasis. These insects are known to live along damp walls of houses and are known to be most active in the night.

Lice & Fleas

Lice or fleas are known to transmit bacterial infections because of their ability to transfer from one host to another. More than just one, these mosquitoes transfer various bacteriea such as bartonellosis, rickettsiosis, rats fleas and borrealliosis.


There are a lot of species in the tick family of which each one has a very specific required habitat to live in. Ticks carry diseases and viruses such as meningoencephalitis, relapsing fever, Q fever, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic, spotted fevers, tularemia, ehrlichiosis and babesiosis. Most of the time, ticks are known to make contact with humans who are in the grassland. Once ticks are attached to the skin, they then migrate towards other skin folds such as groin skin or armpits where they prefer to implant themselves. Then, after only 24 hours, then they begin to feed from their host.

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