Mosquito is one of the famous pests in the house because aside from carrying fatal diseases, it is very hard to be eliminated from inhabiting the area where people live.  Let us get to know more interesting facts about mosquitoes as it can be helpful to understand their nature and how to eliminate them faster and effectively.

Only Antarctica has no mosquito

Perhaps it is the extremities of temperature of the climate that inhibits the habituation of mosquitoes in Antarctica and other polar region including Iceland – thus, made it known as mosquito-free regions.  On the other hand, mosquito is worldwide as it lives in many parts of the world – including your area. In fact, mosquito existed where people also breathed, and they can be found almost everywhere.

One of the oldest insect

Facts about mosquitoes including fossils, carving, and drawings are discovered to have existed even during the Jurassic era and thus, considered as one of the oldest insect.  There are actually thousands of species of mosquitoes all over the world, yet, only a certain percentage of this is considered to be deadly. Let us not underestimate the ability to survive of this insect in almost 46 million years with only some little changes in their kind.

Female is the most dangerous

Among its species, there is only a certain percentage of the deadly kind – those called as the blood-suckers kind of mosquitoes.  Among this kind, male mosquitoes do not bite humans instead they are fed from nectar. In contrast, the female kind of the blood-sucking mosquito is the most dangerous because they are vectors of various deadly diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, Chikungunya, West Nile virus, dengue fever, filariasis, Zika virus and other arboviruses.  These diseases have millions of casualties and still counting.

Cannot transfer HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS can be transferred from an affected person to a certain person can be through blood.  While mosquito has the ability to bite from a person to another, it cannot be able to transmit HIV because the virus can be dissolve in mosquito’s stomach – thus, extremely unlikely of the possibilities.

Effectiveness of Mosquito Repellant Products

Upon various researches, most of the mosquito repellant products in the market today are identified to be ineffective in warding off mosquito.  Yet, DEET is still considered as effective but there are only certain numbers of hours that you can be protected from mosquito bite. Whilst they do not like the scent of DEET, they are on the other hand attracted to Carbon Dioxide.  In fact, it serves as their signal for coming blood meal.

Get a Professional Help

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