Columbia is the known capital of the state of South Carolina in the United States. The name Columbia given to the city, originated from the name of Christopher Columbus. The city houses a population of about 150,000 for the year 2016. Columbia City is located at the county seat of Richland County of which a portion of it also extends to the neighboring county, Lexington.

South Carolina cities experience really warm weather conditions because of the humid subtropical climate that they have. It allows them only to experience mild winters, very early spring seasons, warm autumns and extremely hot summer time. Summer is also what the people in the city experiences the longest. That being said, hot and humid temperatures are very inviting for different types of pests. It’s a  good thing Go-Forth Pest Control has expanded enough to reach further different parts of the United States. Here are some of the services the we offer:

General Pest Control

Go-Forth Pest Control comes with good news! We providing general pest control services to both homes and commercial customers. As you might still be wondering what exactly it is you’re dealing with at home, worry no more! Our team of professionals are sure to provide you with the proper diagnosis and treatment in order to cure any infestation you have in your home.

Termite Control

Termites are more often than not the main cause of such damages to different building structures. While getting rid of them may seem like a challenge, our team is confident that with our treatment methods and equipment, we will be able to eradicate these little creatures from your home.

Ant Control

Ants are known to create as much damage as termites would do. Apparently, ants have the tendency to eat and consume materials like roaches simply because they have the same exoskeletal body structures that allow them to flexible in what they eat and what they do. They are also alarming pests to have since they multiply very quickly just like mosquitoes.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are those little insects that can be found in the far corners of your bed. And no, they do not feed on the mattress and sheets but they feed on you. As surprising as it may sound, these little creatures behave just like mosquitoes only, they do not know how to fly.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes might just be the most common pest problem there is. It’s because adult mosquitoes can basically lay eggs anywhere where there is stagnant water. That means inside and outside of our homes is a great place for them to nest! Their life cycles happen fast which makes them increase in number even more.

Amidst all these things, we’d like you to know that we’ve got you covered. Go-Forth Pest Control values the importance of maintaining and having a safe and clean environment which is why you can rely on our team to do the best in eradicating the pest problem you have at home.

Go-Forth Pest Control is a family owned exterminator company based in High Point, NC. The company covers The Triad, The Triangle, Charlotte, Hickory, Wilmington, Columbia SC.