Durham city is located at the county seat of Durham County, it is in the United States state of North Carolina. The said city has a population of about 250,000 as of the year 2014 which makes it fourth on the list of the most populated cities in North Carolina. The said city also houses the Duke University and the North Carolina Central University which is known to be center for the Research Triangle Park.

Amidst the tall buildings, physical structures and sights to see in the city, the people there still experience a somewhat tropical like temperature since they have a humid subtropical climate. This type of climate allows the city to have four seasons in a year but the summer time is usually the longest of the four. That being said, the presence of pests in homes and establishments cannot be taken away simply because of the inviting weather which poses a high level of humidity in the area. It’s a good thing that there is a local exterminator in Durham you can rely on! Go-Forth Pest Control provides various types of pest treatment services, find out more about some below:

Flea Control

Fleas are pests that can definitely cause harm to our beloved family members and pets. Amidst the size of this insect, it apparently has the capability to travel and jump ten feet in distance and also has the capacity to jump as high as three times they size! Their ability allows them to easily transfer from one place to another.

Commercial Services

Our pest control services isn’t just for those who live in the residential areas, but also to those who are more on the commercial type of business. We provide various types of pest control services for property management companies, real estates, nursing homes, office spaces and corporate buildings.

Insect Control

Ever gotten tired and annoyed with how insects can easily invade and enter your home? Have you ever tried dealing with a particular insect in your house only to find that there are also other insects that needs to be eliminated as well? Well, we’ve got your back. Our team also provides general Insect Control services in order to bring balance to the atmosphere in your home and lawns.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have got to be one of the most known pests in the world. They easily thrive in both rural and urban places since all they need is a stagnant water to dwell into. It could be in old flower pots, vases, ponds, lakes or anywhere else! Insects of this type multiply fast which is why corrective action must be taken as soon as there’s a sign of these creatures in your place.

Ultimately, Go-Forth Pest Control’s goal is to provide you the comfort of having a clean and safe surroundings at home. And we can have you covered! Our team provides pre-treatment services, pest eradication and post treatment services to ensure a quality environment for you!

Go-Forth Pest Control is a family owned exterminator company based in High Point, NC. The company covers The Triad, The Triangle, Charlotte, Hickory, Wilmington, Columbia SC.