The rodents you often see at home can be your number enemy in the end. This creature is considered as pests and if you don’t get rid of it quickly, you, your family, and property would suffer the most. Rodents are basically among the most annoying vermin and you wish they would be as cute and kind as Mickey Mouse but sad to say, they aren’t.

Rodents are pesky. They surprisingly come into properties and when they are around, it is hard to get rid of them. They mostly infest residential properties but they can also be found in business establishments especially those that cater to the food and hotel industry. Rodents come because they need food and moisture. When the cold season comes, they also seek shelter for warmth. There’s no particular season that the pest infests because regardless of the season, they are always present and will actively disturb your property.

In eliminating rodents, it can be challenging because even if you have flushed them in your toilet, they can still find their way back because of their good memorization skills. You could have done everything but it will never be enough if you are fighting off rodents in your property. When you have this pest in your Burlington NC home, you need the help of local rodent exterminators.

Professional rodent exterminators can resolve your problems as they have what’s needed in eliminating the pest – equipment, treatments, and expertise. With the help of rodent exterminators, your problem will be gone. On the other hand, you also would like to know more about your enemies so we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the things you need to know about rodents so that you can get rid of them forever.

The Dangers of Rodents You Didn’t Know

If you think that rodents are friendly creatures because they don’t come near you or suddenly run away, you’ve got it wrong because the pest brings dangers that you might not know.

Honestly, rodents are dangerous because they bring diseases that can be transmitted to humans. They don’t only spread one virus but at least 35 diseases are transmitted by the pest. Imagine getting those viruses that are more costly because you will pay for hospitalization unlike if you do pest control. The diseases carried by the pest are spread in various ways. You can acquire a disease if you have direct contact with the pest, through their saliva, droppings, urine, and if you are bitten by the pest. You can as well get the virus if you have contact with other pests that feed on rodents like mites, fleas, and ticks. 

The diseases spread by rodents are leptospirosis, Hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis, the plague, tularemia, and salmonellosis.  Some of these can be fatal which may lead to serious conditions or death. Even in the past, rodents have already caused problems because in the middle ages, they have killed Europe’s one-third population and it all started with a bite. If you don’t want this same situation to happen once again in the present or future, you have to get rid of the pest once and for all.

Moreover, rodents do not only cause health risks but they can also be the reason for the damage found in your property. The pest is a good gnawer so your belongings and house are in danger. The pest will chew on anything that it sees including electrical wirings which can lead to fire accidents. Your clothes, books, shoes, and more can be targets of the pest so you have to store everything properly. They can even leave droppings or urine on it that will make the acquisition of the disease easier.

That’s why when you have rodents, you need the help of local rodent exterminators in Burlington NC to keep your property free from rodent infestations which are hard to get rid of.

Signs of Rodents at Home

If you don’t know how to spot rodents at home, you should better know these signs immediately so that you can quickly seek the help of local rodent exterminators in Burlington NC.

Too many rodents present

The number of rodents you see at home can be an indication of whether their population is already big or not. If you only see the pest during night time, it means that they are still not growing big. However, if you keep on seeing too many rodents even in the daytime, it only shows that their numbers are growing and an infestation is already occurring. Seeing a lot of rodents in your home is an obvious sign that you have them and you need to call your local rodent exterminators in Burlington NC immediately.

Rodent droppings or feces

Another sign that you have rodents at home is when you see rodent droppings or feces. You can find it almost everywhere or in areas where the pest is usually present. The droppings are moist and dark so you can quickly identify it. However, if time has already passed, the color of the droppings can change into gray. You can spot these feces in cupboards, sinks, drawers, and food packages. In nests and feeding areas, you can also find their droppings. If you want to know if you have rodents, check your house for rodent droppings and it will confirm your suspicions.

Foul smell

Rodents will leave a foul smell in your property and you can easily distinguish it. If you always keep your home fresh and smells good then suddenly a foul smell begins to overwhelm your place, rodents could have been urinating or dead ones are present. The musky odor will worsen if an infestation is happening and you will be able to smell rotting odor if dead rodents are around. The rotting smell will be strong as time passes by and it is a sign that you have to hire local rodent exterminators in Burlington NC. 

These are the signs of rodents in your property. If you experience all of these, it is best to call local rodent exterminators to get rid of the pest before an infestation takes place.

How to Eliminate Rodents

Seeing a lot of rodents is alarming so what you need is to eliminate them. Here are the things you can do to get rid of them.

Get rid of entry points

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the entry points. Rodents can enter any holes, gaps, cracks, and crevices and if you don’t seal these, they can easily invade your house. Make sure that you tightly block entry points because the pest can gnaw on it. Deprive them of accessing your home and you will never see any of them running around your property.

Trap them

There are mouse traps that you can put in your property for rodents. You can buy it in stores so it will be easier for you to get one. You can use the typical mousetrap that is made of wood or new ones that are made to catch the culprit. Make sure that the traps have baits so that you can easily lure the pest. The most important thing is the placement of traps. Put the traps on areas where the pest is typically hiding or hanging out so that you can catch them successfully.

Hire local rodent exterminators

If you have done all things yet the pest is still present and the number doesn’t subside, local rodent exterminators are what you need. Professionals have all the power in eliminating rodents because they are fully equipped and can easily identify the pest you have at home. Local rodent exterminators also know where the pest hides, nests, and feeds so the elimination is made quicker and easier.

Doing some preventive measures for rodents is fine but if you know for yourself that you cannot handle the problem, local rodent exterminators in Burlington NC should be called.

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