Lyme disease is an infection caused by ticks carrying bacteria. This disease more often that not is a lot easier and faster to treat during the early stages upon diagnosis. But before we get into treatment, let’s talk about some of the real symptoms if a Lyme Disease on a patient.

The first sign would probably a circular red skin rash around the spot of the tick bite and the rash can also start to appear even after three months when the victim was bitten by the infected tick. The skin rash for Lyme Disease usually is associated with the bull’s eye part of a dart board and usually the skin on the edges of the rash may seem like it’s slightly embossed compared to the other skin parts.

Although, it is important to consider that not everyone who has been infected with Lyme disease poses with skin rashes, some people may opt to display other symptoms such as loss of energy, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, fever and even chills.

While most tick bites can be harmless, there are still a number of ticks in the world that area already infected with Lyme disease bacteria. Practically, a tick can also carry Lyme Disease to humans if they have fed off from an infected animal first prior to feeding from humans. Which is why it’s so important to be aware of ticks that could be in your body and be knowledgeable on how to remove such as soon as possible.

In order to remove a tick, you should look for a fine tipped tweezers as a tool for you to remove the tick. You can easily acquire this tool from any local grocery shop or store in your area. Then clip the tick as close as you can on the skin and then start to pull upwards. Be careful not to smash the tick so you can avoid spreading more bacteria on your skin. After you’ve successfully removed the pest, gently scrub off your skin with an antiseptic preferably with soap and clean water.

If you’re going to a Doctor, he/she may ask you about any symptoms you might be feeling and perform other type of tests that are vital in coming up with a proper diagnosis for your illness. Finding out about whether or not a patient has Lyme disease can be quite difficult because of the very common symptoms that is poses. So a Doctor is more likely to perform two types of blood test for you in order to confirm whether or not you’re dealing with Lyme Disease.

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