Mosquito Exterminator Company in Columbia SC

Mosquito Exterminator Company in Columbia SC

mosquito-exterminator-company-in-columbia-scWhy Investing in a Mosquito Control Service is a Wise Decision

Mosquitoes are a nuisance in Columbia, SC. Their whirring and buzzing activities are not just a source of noise pollution, but they are also responsible for all those itchy red dots on your body. These annoying little pests disrupt many outdoor activities as soon as they make their unwelcoming appearance. They are much more than small whirring airplanes though. Their bites cause redness, swelling, and rashes. Moreover, they also spread diseases like Malaria, West Nile fever, Dengue fever and Zika virus.

On an individual level, some measures can be taken to control the swarms of mosquitoes. These include wearing mosquito repellant serums when going out, wearing covered clothing and wiping out any stagnant water to disrupt larva growth. However, these actions may not be sufficient on their own.

When You Should Consider Calling Mosquito Control Services

Mosquito control services must be called when the breeding of mosquitoes becomes intolerable. There are some places from which standing water is difficult to remove such as fountains, pool covers, low lying surfaces, gutters, flower and pet water containers. In such cases, calling pest control services is your best bet.

Pest control services do the following for complete eradication of larvae and mosquito.

  • They do a thorough survey of the yard before the application of pesticides. They are many hidden, humid foliage where mosquitoes could be breeding. A bad pest control service will just recklessly spray pesticide everywhere without investigating the mosquito-ridden areas first.
  • After a thorough investigation, they apply a pest-control barricade that lasts for about a month.
  • The smell of harsh repellants can get very unpleasant for the residents. If the need arises, then, an organic solution of a repellant can also be applied. There are some organic solution manufacturers, who advertise using natural and organic methods to control pests such as garlic cloves or cedarwood oil. However, their effectiveness remains to be seen.
  • The services also target areas and the time period when mosquitoes are the most active such as during the spring or the humid spring seasons.
  • Professional services can also spray prior to a “yard event” such as a barbecue party, or a wedding.

Professional pest control services are well versed in the field of providing tailored solutions for the specific lawn or yard requirements. The competitive ones study the yard meticulously before applying mosquito control methods.

The associations for pest control such as U.S environmental protection agency (EPA) and the center for disease control (CDC) are not only actively campaigning for removing the mosquitoes, but also to reduce the conditions which give birth to the mosquito population. The American mosquito control association is a scientific and educational organization that educates the community on the right mosquito control practices. They advocate against the misting system. They believe it kills other non-targeted insects and enhances resistance in other insect breeds.

Overall, the community sphere is still learning on the best methods to control mosquitoes without any long-term deleterious effects. Still, it is better to call the pest services than not.

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