Ant infestations can take place in both indoor and outdoor settings and most of the time, these infestations connect to a colony that is usually located either inside or outside the house. Ants can start to invade your yard, garage, patio and ultimately target your home itself which is why you’re then gonna need something to get rid of the ant colony. You can easily stop an ant infestation by different baits specially designed both for indoor and outdoor use.

Ants work in sort of like a caste system where they have workers, caretakers and the queen ultimately. The worker ants are those who look for food for the entire colony and usually, they are the ones we’ll be able to find roaming around in small groups, searching and carrying food back to their nest. More often than not, these creatures are drawn to sweet food particles. Which is why by putting in poison in the bait that you put out for them will not only kill the trail of ants that you see, but can ultimately resolve your ant colony issue. There are ant poison out there which tends to ultimately kill the ants by causing issues with their digestive system which will kill all of them slowly. There are baits hat you can use as well in order to effectively kill bigger colonies that usually dwell outside of houses.

If it’s outdoor ants you’re mostly dealing with, then you’re probably having issues with your lawn as well. And still, the answer to this problem remains the same as dealing with ants indoors. And that is to kill the ants in the nest itself. When trying to solve outdoor ant problems, you would want to look closely for ant trails and ant highways. These are those lines which you’ll see are full of ants and these trails lead to the nests of the ants. In order to locate the right ant traffic, simply walk around the perimeter of your home and check. Pull over large garden rocks and wood pieces that could ultimately be where the ants are nesting on. Also, don’t forget to inspect potential entry points into your home that is including windows, doors, exhaust vents, sliding glass doors and faucets.

Once you’ve successfully tracked down the ants to their nest, simply set up a bait for them near the nest so it wouldn’t be a long travel from them down from the bait up their nest. You may drench your solid bait with a liquid ant bait that is effective enough to eventually kill the entire colony you’re dealing with.

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