Columbia is the capital of the state of South Carolina. It caters to a population of around 150,000 as of the year 2016 and is observed to be catering more in the future. The city is the county seat of Richland County which extends to a neighboring county of Lexington. While the scope of the metropolitan statistical area reaches far, it is the center of it. Columbia is also believed to be a poetic term in the United States derived from the name of Christopher Columbus who was an Italian explorer and sailor.

Being in the South Carolina part of the United States, the city Columbia poses with such humid and subtropical type of climate which gives them a cool winter and very hot – humid summers. Though, they also have spring and autumn seasons, the longest season that they get to experience is the summer season.

That being said, it is vital for homeowners to have their houses checked and maintained in order to eradicate any type of pest infestation that could be starting or to keep it from happening instead. Go-Forth Pest Control brings you the pest treatment services that you need!

Here are some of the services that we offer:

Termite Control

For over 55 years, Go-Forth Pest Control has been known to provide pest control services to homeowners in the Triad area. We can help you catch little pests before they can do some serious damages in your home. We also provide services that allow for termite inspections in homes listed in real estate. More often than not, homes in the High Point area have the largest allotment for pest control services. This gives so much importance to home and property protection.

Ant Control

Ants are even more prone to do much severe damage than what termites can to your property. But our pest control professionals have highly trained and specialized in eliminating these little creatures through our innovative services which is why you can definitely rely on us to fight against fire ants and house ants you may have at home!

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs tend to be hidden in our home mattresses and they have the tendency to go on hiding for a long time. If you happen to see just one bed bug in your bed, then you could be in for a lot more of them so we strongly advise that you call in our team urgently when this happens.

Mosquito Control

These annoying pests carry different types of diseases that can cause animal particles and bacteria to be transferred to humans. While there are many home remedies in getting rid of these things, we still advise that you call in professionals like Go-Forth to deal with them.

General Pest Control

Go-Forth Pest Control services only aims to provide you the clean and pest controlled environment that you so deserve. Call our team now and let us make it happen for you. Let us give you a helping hand.


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