Pest Control Near Me For Mites

Pest Control Near Me For Mites

Pest Control Near Me For Mites

“Mite” is often used as a general term for insects, especially for those who belong to the diverse family of Acari, in the class of Arachnids. Sub-class Acari also contains ticks.

Mites are very tiny insects. Some of them are not even visible to the human eye, and require a microscope to be seen. There are both harmful and harmless species of mites. Below are the few mite species that are considered pests.

Dust Mites

The house dust mite measures to be about 0.2-0.3 millimeters long. They eat dander (dead skin) from humans and other animals, and protein. They are mostly seen in bed. People allergic to dust mites may have asthma attacks, itchy, watery eyes, allergic rhinitis, and atopic dermatitis.
Dust Mite Control
• Change bed linen regularly.
• Avoid using carpet. Carpet is hard to clean and this is where mite could survive longer.
• Maintain indoor humidity.
• Use dust mite disinfectant sprays available in the market.

Scabies Mite

With the scientific name Sarcoptes scabiei, scabies mite, also called the “itch mite”, invades and burrows humans and other animals’ skin such as dogs and cats. They can live, lay their eggs, and multiply in the animal’s skin for months. Symptoms include intense itching and pimple-like rashes. A person with scabies can transmit the scabies mites through skin-to-skin contact.
Scabies Mite Control
• Wash your clothing, towel, and beddings using hot water. Then use a hot dryer to dry them. The heat will kill the mites.
• Regularly cut and clean your nails to remove any present mites and eggs.
• Thoroughly clean and disinfect the house. Clean the couch, carpet, and other furniture using a vacuum cleaner.

Chigger Mites

Chiggers are the larvae stage of red harvest mites. They bite humans and other animals, and are barely visible to the naked human eye. Those in the adult stage of the harvest mites are generally harmless, while those in the larvae stage are the ones that are considered pests. They mostly stay outdoors in grassy areas and spaces. They commonly bite thin areas of the skin, and their bites appear like a blister. It can be intensely itchy and that may lead to trouble sleeping at night.
Chigger Mite Control
• When coming home from grassy places, shake off dirt from clothes before entering your home. Take a bath and bathe thoroughly, and be sure to wash clothes using hot water.
• Use repellents and pesticides that contain diethyltoluamide (DEET).
• Apply permethrin repellents to your clothing. This remains in clothes for several days and should not be applied directly to the skin.
• Trim down the grasses around your property, as tall grasses are the main hiding spot of chiggers.
• Apply diatomaceous earth (DE) around your garden.

Bird Mites

Bird mites are normally found where birds and their nests are located. Once a bird leaves it’s nest, bird mites also leave, enter human’s homes, and bite humans and other animals. Bird mite bites may simply appear as a red itchy bump and they do not cause any infectious disease.
Bird Mite Control
• Remove birds nests near your property.
• Use insecticides and repellents with DE.
• Thoroughly clean the walls, ceiling, and floor of the home and use a vacuum cleaner.
• Avoid using carpet.

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