Pest Control Near Me For Stink Bugs

Pest Control Near Me For Stink Bugs

Pest Control Near Me For Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated (BMSB) are common stink bug species that are native to China, Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This insect was unwantedly distributed to the US in 1998 by hitching rides in shipping containers, where they initially invaded the states of Pennsylvania. Since then, their population has rapidly increased, becoming a major concern for people. In the year 2010, there wer already 17 US states that were reported having BMSB.

Stink bugs got their name from the foul odor that they release. It is generally characterized as a very pungent, coriander-like smell. There are about 200 species of stink bug that are present in North America alone. Some are predatory and attack other insects, while the brown marmorated stink bugs are herbivorous.

The brown marmorated stink bug species can live up to 6-8 months. They are oval in shape, have 6 legs, and come in a variety of colors such as yellow, red and brown. They can grow up to 2 centimeters in length, and they have strong wings that enable them to fly anywhere between 1 to 3 miles per day. They eat a wide variety of plants, particularly the stem, leaves, and fruit parts. They prefer corn, soybeans, tomatoes, and lima beans, which is why they are serious pests in the agricultural industry. Controlling them became a priority of the US Department of Agriculture.

Brown marmorated stink bugs are generally not dangerous to humans, since they don’t bite humans or other animals. They may invade human homes, especially once fall approaches, to search for a warmer place to live and be able to survive. Although they are pests in homes, they are not known to cause any damage to property. Once they’ve reached your home, they release pheromones that signal and attract other stink bugs to that location. Luckily, these insects do not lay eggs and multiply inside people’s homes, because they are not capable of reproducing during cold weather.

In addition to that, research has claimed that the stinky odor that the brown marmorated stink bugs release to defend themselves from their predators could have some anti-bacterial agent, and has potential to be used in medicine as a chemical anti-fungal or ant-microbial treatment.


While brown marmorated stink bugs are not harmful to humans and have the potential use for medicine, a major reason in getting rid of these insects from your home are due to their stinky smell, their ability to damage garden and indoor plants, and the stigma that having pests (or any insects) at home is a sign of poor sanitation.
Getting rid of marmorated stink bugs can be a bit challenging since they are resistant to chemical pesticides.

Below is the list of some non-pesticide strategies to keep your household free from a marmorated stink bug infestation:

• Vacuum your house regularly. A vacuum cleaner is an effective tool to get rid of most types of tiny insects, as well as their eggs.

• Repair cracks and holes around the house. These are the entry points for any insects.

• Keep the grass in your garden short.

• Use row covers to protect crops such as peas and beans.

• Avoiding planting sunflowers inside of your home or in your garden, as stink bugs are attracted to them.

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