Pest Exterminator Near Raleigh NC

Pest Exterminator Near Raleigh NC

pest-exterminator-near-raleigh-ncWhat to Ask Your Pest Exterminator

Pest problems arise commonly and when they do, most individuals and homeowners typically seek out the help of a pest extermination service. The process of picking a pest extermination service can be long and frustrating particularly if you have never gone through it before. Furthermore, because there are so many qualified experts out there that can handle the task, picking a reliable professional that you can trust is sometimes easier said than done.

When selecting which pest exterminator you want to use, it is very important not to rush the process. Consider taking your time and talking to several firms before making your decision. Even if your pest problem seems urgent, it is better to take sufficient time looking for a good service than settle for one that will do the extermination haphazardly. When picking a pest management service, consider assessing the following areas first:


If a company does not have qualified and licensed professionals, then it stands to reasons that they cannot handle the extermination correctly. Pest exterminators should be qualified according to national and international standards. Questions you should ask include:

  • Do the technicians have the current licenses?
  • How does the company keep up with the changes in chemical products, safety, techniques and regulations for pest extermination?
  • Does the service utilize integrated pest management techniques?


The company experience of the pest extermination service plays a very crucial role. Over time, each company learns how to develop its own tactics to deal with pest problems depending on the region that you are located. Therefore, the tactics used are dependent on the experience of the company and that has to be taken into account. Questions that you should ask are:

  • How many years has the firm been operating as a pest extermination service?
  • How many pest problems like yours has the company dealt with?


The reputation of the pest extermination service will help you determine the company’s success rate. 

  • Ask family members for recommendations.
  • Consider getting in touch with the state pesticide regulatory office for information on complaints, violations or issues that are yet to be resolved.


Since chemicals will be used for pest control, you should obviously be concerned with safety and precautionary measures to be taken. You should ask the following questions:

  • Is the service willing to give you alternatives to low toxic chemical options? Do they use chemicals with low environmental risks?
  • Does the company have insurance to protect you, its employees and your family?
  • Will they provide protective equipment if necessary?
  • What measures will they take to make sure that exposure and accidents are curtailed
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