Spider Control Methods & Products in Winston-Salem NC

Spider Control Methods & Products in Winston-Salem NC

spider-control-methods-products-winston-salem-ncHow to Get Rid of Spiders

Most people hate the sight of spiders roaming about in their homes in Winston-Salem, NC, and wish to get rid of them as soon as possible. Mouse spider, brown trapdoor spider, huntsman spider, wolf spider, white-tailed spider and red-back spider are some of the commonest types of spiders that can be found in homes. It is important do something to remove these from home or even from garden spaces, whenever you spot them. You can call a professional exterminator or here are some easy ways to get rid of spiders.

Get rid of clutter first

Keep in mind that spiders tend to be drawn to clutter, particularly shoes, clothes, paper piles and more. You should keep these to none or at least a minimum, in order to prevent a recurrence. Keep the closet well-arranged, so that spiders are prevented from finding a cozy, warm and dark spot to lay their eggs in.

Repair screens and windows

Spiders tend to enter homes through tiny cracks in window screens and windows. You should try sealing the holes and cracks around the home, both from the exterior and the interior. This is an easy pest control method.

Dust frequently

When you dust too often, you can prevent the growth of spider webs. Keep the ceilings in your home, particularly the corners of the ceiling, free of dust. Buy an extendable arm duster in order to dust these spaces well enough. Dust, vacuum and sweep all the spots, particularly the ceilings and corners of the rooms.

Get cardboard boxes out

It is easy to find spiders living in cardboard boxes, and even around them. Use plastic containers, carts or totes to substitute cardboard boxes. Plastic containers can last for an entire lifetime, and these do not attract insects or spiders.

Use a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can be used in the attic and basement to make your home inhospitable to spiders. When you do this, spiders will be unable to get a chance to reconstruct webs. In garden spaces, you can disperse water from garden hose for the removal of spiders and webs in and around your home.

Hire a professional exterminator

You can hire a professional exterminator to spray fumes in your house, and get rid of insects such as silverfish, centipedes and spiders. Generally, they use sprays to kill the spiders indirectly or directly. The chemicals can keep away spiders from your home, as well as bed bugs and other pests. Professional exterminators can focus on targeted areas and do away with spiders.

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