Spider Extermination Cost in Raleigh NC

Spider Extermination Cost in Raleigh NC

spider-extermination-cost-raleigh-ncSpider Control Methods

A lot of people fear spiders because of how they look or stories about how poisonous they could be. This makes this animal a threat to a lot of people and there is no doubt anyone would not enjoy sharing a roof with them in Raleigh, NC. With the following tips, you can help in keeping your home free from spiders.

Protect your home from spider invasion

You don’t need to wait for spiders to get into your home so that you can begin killing them. It would be easier to keep them out of your house rather than waiting to battle them out. This means that the most effective way of eradicating spiders is by keeping your house protected from their invasion. This can be done by sealing up cracks in your wall, the crevices and other place through which they can gain entry in to your house. A professional exterminator can also help keep your home protected from spiders. 

Keep your home tidy

After you have laid down measures to keep spiders out of your house, you need to ensure that it is tidy and neat. Just like other insects and pests, spiders enjoy staying in untidy places where they can access food and good hiding places. They are common under woodpiles, bin and under your furniture. You therefore need to clear away any clutter that would attract them.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil offers one of the best options in repelling spiders and driving them out of your house. It’s a strong smell that cannot be tolerated by spiders and this compels them to leave your home. While using peppermint oil, pour 3 cups of water in a spray and add one teaspoon of washing powder and peppermint oil and shake the solution. Spray it in areas inhabited by spiders and places where you suspect they can be.

Glue traps

Instead of killing and crushing spiders on your walls and floors, you can choose to trap them and kill them out of your house. This helps in saving you the nasty mess and smears that would again create a job of clearing up the mess. Glue traps are an ultimate solution in helping you trap spiders. Put them in your closets, basement and other areas where spiders crawl. However, while using this method, you need to keep your children and other pets away from the traps.

Vacuum cleaning

Vacuuming helps in keeping your house clutter free and this is a good milestone in eradicating spiders. Besides this, vacuum cleaning also helps in killing the spiders and destroying their webs. Using the vacuum, clean all the potential spaces where spiders are likely to live. Do this regularly to ensure that no spiders are left behind.


There are a number of good insecticides that are active against spiders. However you need to be very careful while using insecticides since some of them could be very poisonous.  

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