Spider Exterminator Company in Charlotte NC

Spider Exterminator Company in Charlotte NC

spider-exterminator-company-in-charlotte-ncSpider Exterminator Company 

If you’re like most of us that cannot stand the sight of a spider without trying to kill it, then you are justified. Not all spiders are harmful, some spiders however have enough venom to land you in a hospital. The black widow spider and the brown recluse spider are the common types of spiders found in Charlotte, North Carolina and the most poisonous as well.

About Spiders

The black widow spider like its name implies, black but with red distinctive patches on its abdomen. Its’ bite is very painful and can cause severe nerve damages. The brown recluse on the other hand is smaller than most people realize and has traits uncommon for a spider. A bite from this spider can cause death of the tissue [necrosis] surrounding the bite site. For both spiders, death can occur in rare cases particularly in a sick person or a child.

Interesting Facts

One really interesting fact is even though both spiders are found indoors, the brown recluse spider stays more indoors than the black widow. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the brown recluse spider has a special attachment to cardboard. Cardboard boxes have a lot of use in people’s homes. These boxes that are supposed to protect our stuff can also be a safe haven for these poisonous spiders. Scary, isn’t it?

Getting rid of spiders

The spiders’ anatomy makes it difficult for pesticides to kill them. Unlike other insects there are no pores to allow for absorbance of the chemicals from their feet to their bodies. So pest exterminator company will perform a professional inspection that should reveal their hiding spots. Then they will help eliminate the spiders from your home by spraying around your house and even in the cracks.


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