If you are either planning to buy, sell or move to a new apartment, it never hurts to conduct a thorough inspection for any pest infestation on a property. More often than not, home buyers and prospective clients will only look at what can easily be seen and exposed to their eyes, which leaves the issues and possibly structural damages unknown and unseen. Though, this may seem okay because some apartments our houses tend to be built on higher level than the ground, but this doesn’t entirely mean that a house becomes free from infestations. This is because termites can travel upwards if they want to, and especially if you’re house is surrounded by a lawn or soil, then it’s definitely easy to assume the presence of termites in a place.

Not only that termites can become a cause of dirt and expense for home owners, but it can also create a dangerous and unstable structural environment for your home. Which is why it is best to detect early infestations so that these things are dealt with before it even affects more people. Now you may not be able to see termites visibly right away, but you can certainly look for signs of their presence in building structures.

Tracks of Swarmers

Now, you might probably be wondering what Swarmers are when we were just discussing about termites. Turns out, Swarmers are also termites who only happen to have grown wings. But what’s worrisome about the presence of these flying termites, is that they only come from large termite colonies that have been around some time and have been successful in producing mature adults. When Swarmers fly off to look for a female mate, their wings are shed off. Although, termite wings and ant wings will probably look the same for the naked eye. Which is why we advice that you call in professional exterminators if you even have a slight hinge of an infestation in your home.

Mud Tunnels

This is one way to alert you of a termite infestation in your house. You’ll probably be able to find these near the foundation of your house, pipes, attics, crawl spaces and the like. Though like tunnels, these tubes are also referred to as “shelter” tubes which actually serves as protection for termites when they go out in the open space. It keeps from being attacked and found by predators. These tunnels are usually made of soil, cellulose and termite feces. Another reason why termites want to keep hidden in these tunnels is because they can only survive in spaces with moisture, otherwise they can easily dry up and die.

Professional Exterminators

One of the most efficient ways to know more about any type of infestation is to call in experts who are used to dealing with different type of pests. Go-Forth Pest Control offers services that are not only catered into solving issues such as pest infestations, but also to provide preventive maintenance and servicing work to homes and buildings.

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