Selling your home to another family or another tenant might probably be one of the most exciting things you can do. First off, it means that you are moving into some place that is new and well, that’s one good enough reason to be excited, but in the process of selling your old home you can also be meeting new people you’ll be selling your old house too. Now, it is important though that you are able to check all amenities and aspects of your house before you get it listed to agents.

Ordering a termite inspection before you list your house to the agents is probably one good way to keep the upper hand and negotiate dollars with your buyers. You might think, how does that help me? It’s just gonna cost me. We’re telling you, no. This is probably the easiest way to go. Professional termite extermination businesses will be providing you a finished report with a complete status of your house inside and out & ultimately the work that they have done. Which should be good enough to leave your potential buyers with great trust and peace of mind that the property they are buying is really in a good condition.

Here are more reasons on why you should have your home treated for any infestation before having it sold by the agent.

First, is it will give you more options to think about what you should do

Let’s just say for example that you have some parts of your attic that has rotten structure parts all over it because of a termite infestation, so you have this checked with professionals and they give you a price of $3000 for repairing it. You’ll be paying for this repair if your client sees that you discovered about the infestation while you’re already under agreement with the buyer. But, if you have discovered it before you enter into an agreement with the buyers, then you can use this as an incentive for the negotiations and get yourself another $3000.

Second, you’ll be able to negotiate with the buyer for more reasons

Say, you’ve asked termite control professionals to do an inspection in your house before you sell it. And then, the termite control services, and then they find things that need to be done. They tell you that there’s a need for $2600 worth of repairs and replacements needed. You might just have many offers on the table for the house and you can negotiate for your buyers to pay for the termite repairs because of your good will to have the inspection done before any negotiations.

There are actually more benefits into having your home treated for any infestations before selling it. We can go on with the possibilities that it will give you but if you want, you can contact our team of pest control experts. Here at Go-Forth Pest Control, we always put our customers’ interest above ours. So what are you waiting for? Call now.

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