The last thing that we all want is to be dealing with things that shouldn’t even be there in the first place! That’s right, if you’re reading this then we’re talking about pests here! Like termites perhaps, those little creatures that just seem to be around everywhere, beneath our houses, inside structures, furniture and etc.! And of all the bad news that we can hear, one of the worst would probably be is to find out that you have an infestation going on in your own house. Although, most of the time, these type of things are only discovered and go noticed when the infestation has already reached a critical level. And so it is really advisable for families and building owners to schedule for a regular house infestation check up. This is so infestations of any kind can be treated as early as possible.

Termite inspections will allow you to determine the extent or extremities of the infestation in your house and of course to propose to you a certain plan on how to get rid of the infestation. But first, in order for them to do this, they will be needing to assess the situation themselves.  And when they do come to your homes, you better be prepared so here are the list of things that are usually preceded by and done by the termite inspector.

The termite inspector will probably be checking your exterior walls since these are the first things to be easily accessed. So if you can, remove large objects, tools, and other stuff that could be blocking the walls of your house.

Clear out your kitchen sinks. Since kitchen sinks are spots that are dark and moist, so it is highly suspected to be infested very well by different types of pests, you may find various creatures here such as roaches, flies, silverfish and ultimately, termites.

Attic. Some houses don’t have attics so they don’t have to worry about this, but some houses do. And if a house does have an attic, the inspector will most probably be checking this area of the house as well. Before the inspector arrives, make sure that you have de-cluttered the path leading to that place or if your attic is entered through a closet, then you have to get rid of the items in your closet too in order to permit easier access.

Garages. It will be a lot better if you will help your inspector in checking our for termite infestations through clearing the path in which he or she is expected to check in to. Perhaps your garage. If you have a very unorganized garage and if you have big items stored in it, it might probably be time clear that all out.

Last but not the least, prepare to be served by a team of highly trained professional termite exterminators! We take pride in providing quality service to our customers up from our processes in the beginning and up to the end which is the maintenance part we provide for our customers. So call us now and let us check your house for you.

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