Termites are those little creatures that tend to dwell in the most hidden, dark and moist areas in your homes. Which in turn means that being exposed to a lot of air and bright lights are not something that they actually survive through. These little things like to create their colonies and nests either undergrounds, under wall paint, within wood materials and the like. Basically, they like to stay hidden so they stay in sports where the least activity happens.

Pest and termite inspects do carry a lot of inspection and visual checking on of course, openly accessible spaces to your house and yard in search of signs that you have a termite infestation in your home or any pest for that matter. Termite inspectors will probably be checking all internal and external house structure up to the roof built and even basement spaces.

Now, you might probably be worrying about letting in people into your home and just having them look around your house. But don’t worry. Termite inspection is done by pest control professionals in order to assess the current state and standing of a house and its structure with regards to any type of infestation. So any type of unruly and unprofessional behaviors will definitely be dealt with.

One of the first few things that inspectors are gonna check are your roof voids. So not all roof voids have the same measurements and so this is to tell you that inspectors are only going to check this area if it has a size of 400 by 500 and well, if the space does permit a reasonable amount of space to work in. Otherwise, any inspector can decide not to pursue checking roof voids if not accessible and safe enough. The maximum length that an inspector is allowed to go when checking on roof voids is at least 3.6 meters.

The next thing that pest exterminators will probably check out in your home are the sub floor spaces. You probably might have a full carpeted house or just some carpets in different areas in your house, so inspectors would be checking underneath those carpets. Because, if you’re not aware yet, termites only need a minimum of 400 millimeter space to be able to crawl in their normal phase and beyond that, well they won’t have available space to move in to. Now it is important to keep in mind that sub floors below 400mm will not be inspected anymore but will still be considered in the report.

The inspection process with Go-Forth Pest Control Services

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