Termites are determined to be from the ancestral roots of cockroaches. But the way they look, the way they live is more likely that of an ants’ way. Just like ants, termites from different colonies tend to delegate tasks to different termites belonging to different castes. For example, in one particular colony there will be male termites who are in charge of looking for food for the entire nest, there are female termites which are in charge of taking care of the eggs and larvae, there are King termites whose job is to mate with the other fertile Queen termites, and ultimately you have their Queen who is in charge of laying eggs and ultimately leading the whole colony.

These little creatures can feed on almost anything that they see, which is somehow similar to cockroaches. But most of the time, they prefer to eat dead plants, cellulose, wood, soil, fiber and etc. As detritivores, they play an important role in the ecosystem by being able to recycle waste items such as rotten plants and ultimately feces. We know, gross right? This is why we have created a list of how you can determine the presence of these pests in your homes.

Moisture build up

One probable sign of termite presence in a house or a building is through the bubbling of the paints on the floor or the peeling of floor paints. Since these little creatures are not really fond of sunlight or air exposure in any way, they tend to go travel and live under the curtain – which means under walls, inside furniture, attic and etc. Less sunlight means more moisture. So you’ll probably be able to find them in these areas.

Termite wings

Termite wings are commonly referred to as Termite droppings. Generally, these things look like saw dusts but you’ll find it commonly on corners and wall sides which probably means that there’s a termite infestation nearby these spots. Of course, aside from the dust like particles, you will also be able to see detached wings which could mean that you are hosting a large colony of termites with Swarmers that has grown to have wings.

Mud tunnels

More often that not, mud tunnels or mud tubes can be found in almost all termite infested building/structure. These tube like tunnels are built by termites in order to protect themselves from dry environments and from predators when they are travelling in between spots to find a source of food. You’ll be able to find these tunnels on walls, ceiling corners, basement floors or basically anywhere else that is near to very moist places where they could be hiding.

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