You might probably been asking these questions to yourselves, are tick bites dangerous? To answer your question, let’s discuss a little bit about how these little creatures live by. Ticks naturally live outdoors in grasses, trees, leaf piles and shrubs. While they may seem to be around leaves so much, they are very much attracted to warm-blooded mammals such as humans and other four-legged animals. Although, it’s not that hard for them to choose where to latch on to since they can easily move from one host to another easily. People who tend to always explore the outdoor world are most likely to have been exposed to ticks at least once in their lives.

Ticks are very small creatures that love and we mean love to feed on blood. Their size ranges from a size of a pin’s head to a size of a pencil eraser. Just like spiders, they have eight legs which allows them to move really fast and allows them to jump high enough to latch from one host to another. This makes them very much related to spiders. While the color of ticks may vary, one things happens when a tick is known to be feeding very well from its host, they turn greenish-blue in color. Weird, right?

Ticks like to dwell in warm and moist areas on the body of their hosts. Once a tick has attached itself to your skin, it will immediately travel to your armpits, hair, groin or any other desirable spots for them that are warm and moist. Once they are comfortable with their surroundings, they start to bite and draw blood from their hosts. And not like other pests that bite, ticks actually sticks to the skin of their hosts even when they’ve already fed from it. For example, if a tick bites you, you will definitely be able to catch it since they’ll still be attached on your skin.

And to answer your question: Most of the time, tick bites are not that painful and it doesn’t also always cause any symptoms that are easy to detect. However, their bites – just like any other pests- are known to cause allergic reactions since ticks easily feed off from pets to humans. Which makes them somehow deadly.

Symptoms of a tick bite on humans would be swelling on the bitten part, skin rashes, burning feeling on the bitten part, blisters and difficulty in breathing. Moreover, if a tick is carrying much viral diseases, other symptoms may include a red spot near the bitten spot, rashes all over the body, muscle and joint ache, stiffness of the neck, weakness of the muscle and even nausea.

Having said so, it is important to maintain a properly cleaned environment in order to avoid any presence of ticks near you, your loved ones and your home. Call in Go-Forth Pest Control now in order to ensure that your place will be free from pests and other types of insects that can carry various diseases.

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