Fleas like to feed on warm blooded, big and furry mammals that they can find. While most fleas that we might know off may only be feeding off from our pets and other hosts, they can sometimes still choose to feed on humans. Sometimes a flea just bites into humans without the intention of staying there. In some instances though, fleas can choose to settle on their humans hosts especially if they are able to get the nutrition that they need. Though, all these things depends on the type of flea being talked about. As fleas tend to have different specie group and so it means different behavior for them.

Pulex Irritans

Human fleas can basically be found all over the world, but to tell you, they are seldom found in the United States. While these type of fleas can feed on a variety of mammals including pets, barn animals and birds. Despite the name of these group of fleas, the said type is known to be originally found in guinea pigs.

Tunga Penetrans

Chigoe flea are also known as jiggers. The a female jigger flea dives deep into its host’s skin. As surprising as it may sound, it can dive deep enough to have to get a professional surgeon just to have it removed on the skin of the victim. While this type of flea can not be found in the States, the flea can still be carried by travelers and tourists coming from the regions Africa, South America and Central America.

Xenopsylla Cheopis

Oriental rat fleas are those that can be found worldwide and yes, including the United States. Given the name, this certain group of fleas feed specifically on rats, rabbits, and house mice. While they may be known to be feeding on rats, they can sometimes feed and bite on humans which then results to a transfer of bacteria and virus resulting to disease.

Ctenocephalides Felis

Cat Fleas are those group of fleas that are known to the pets in our homes. They are also very prevalent in the country of United States. While they may be found mostly on pets at home, they can still sometimes bite on humans which can be dangerous since through this way, viruses and bacteria from animals are the transferred to human hosts.

Just like most pests, fleas are the type of animals that would basically feed on almost anything they see available in their surroundings. This is the reason why there could be an irregular pattern as to where they would usually feed to – pets and humans.

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