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Go-Forth is not responsible for any damages or loss caused by any pre-existing conditions, any pests, or any displacement costs or any other costs

other than damages directly resulting from the services provided by Go-Forth as described herein.

CUSTOMER understands that from time to time certain preparation procedures may be required to obtain adequate control, and agrees to follow Lake
Norman Pest Control’S recommendations regarding these procedures. Customer further agrees to grant access to all areas of the structure being
serviced during normal business hours, 8 AM to 5 PM Mon through Fri, for inspection and treatment. Scheduling appointments is a cooperative effort.
If interior service and/or scheduled appointments are requested, and after due diligence to schedule, Lake Norman Pest Control is unable to schedule
a service with the customer during the month due, an exterior perimeter treatment will be performed for regular treatment at regular service rates.
* This service shall begin on or around the initial service date noted on the front of this agreement and continue thereafter for the minimum period of
12 months, unless otherwise noted on this contract by Lake Norman Pest Control management. The service will continue after the initial service period
indefinitely. This service may be terminated at any time after the initial minimum service period by giving one to the other a 30 day written notice. The
regular service cost may be adjusted by Lake Norman Pest Control without written notice after the initial minimum service period.
CANCELLATION AND BUY OUT: If the CUSTOMER should desire to cancel at any time, they may do so by filling out the online cancellation form
and agreeing to the forms conditions. A service should not be considered cancelled until the CUSTOMER has received confirmation from Lake
Norman Pest Control in writing by email. Should any service be terminated by the CUSTOMER prior to the end of the initial minimum service period
specified for any reason other than failure of Lake Norman Pest Control to adequately fulfill their obligations under this contract, the CUSTOMER will
be charged $50 “Buy Out” fee plus the immediate payment of all due balances. However, if early termination is due to a move within the Lake Norman
Pest Control service area, the customer may “move” the remainder of the service agreement to their new location. There may be additional cost

involved with any new service.

** NEW AREAS: Any new areas added after this contract is signed may result in additional costs.
SERVICES are preventive in nature and do not require regular pesticide applications to interior of structures.

MY ELITE PLUS SERVICE (Mosquito Reduction / Management Service): Lake Norman Pest Control’s Mosquito Reduction Program is designed to
help manage the mosquito population on your property. Since mosquitoes are airborne insects, Lake Norman Pest Control cannot guarantee 100%
elimination of mosquitoes from your property. Therefore, Lake Norman Pest Control does not expressly guarantee or imply that it will completely

eradicate all mosquitoes, and specifically disclaims all implied warranties.

Lake Norman Pest Control specifically disclaims any and all liability for any illnesses and/or diseases contracted or allegedly contracted by exposure
to mosquitoes. These include, but are not limited to, West Nile Virus, malaria, encephalitis and dengue fever. Lake Norman Pest Control is not
medically trained to diagnose mosquito-borne illnesses or disease. Please consult your physician for any medical diagnosis.

Lake Norman Pest Control reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without prior notification and for any reason; in such event, Lake
Norman Pest Control may credit or refund payments for the current month of the cancellation as well as any payments that have been Collected for
future months; however, payments for any months prior to the current month of cancellation will not be subject to credit or refund; therefore if any

payments for prior months are past due, those balances will remain due.

COLLECTION INFORMATION: If any credit card payment fails to process and new credit card information is not received in our office within 30 days
of any invoice, or if a check/cash is not received within 30 days of an invoice, then a service charge of up to 2% of the amount due will be charged per
month as a service charge. Customer agrees to pay any and all costs of collection of any amounts due Lake Norman Pest Control, including attorney
fees. If a service is terminated due to non-payment or late payment, Lake Norman Pest Control may require Advance Payment to reinstate service.
***LIMITED BED BUG COVERAGE: Lake Norman Pest Control, at its sole discretion, may extend this service agreement to cover bed bugs; this
requires all of the following and can be voided by Lake Norman Pest Control at any time for any reason, including but not limited to, if the following
conditions are not constantly met: 1) Customer must have The Basic, My Elite, or My Elite Plus service for at least the previous 12 months
consecutively on the property listed on the front of this agreement; (2) Customer must remain current on all balances owed, and have made all past
and future payments on time and in full; (3) The price paid for the customer’s pest control service is at or above the price listed at
https://lakenormanpest.com/service-plans/; (4) Property must be defined by Lake Norman Pest Control as single-family residential property; (5)
Property must, at the customer’s expense, have had a successful bed bug treatment performed by Lake Norman Pest Control ridding property of bed
bugs, or property must be determined at Lake Norman Pest Control’s sole discretion to have been free of bed bugs for the previous year; (6)
Customer agrees to perform all site preparations requested by Lake Norman Pest Control at customer’s expense; (7) Lake Norman Pest Control is
only responsible for performing the treatment only and will use methods for control at Lake Norman Pest Control’s sole discretion and will not prepare
the site in any way. If site preparation is not performed up to Lake Norman Pest Control’s expectations, bed bug coverage will be voided and any
future treatments will be forfeited. (8) In the event of voided coverage, a fee or fees will be required to rid structure from bed bugs and to reinstate bed
bug coverage; (9) Customer will not engage in activities that encourage bed bug infestations, such as but not limited to, rotating tenants or bringing in

used furniture, bedding, or appliances.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: In the unlikely event that the service fails to exceed your expectations, we pledge to take further steps at our
expense to remedy the situation and exceed your expectations while the service agreement is in good standing. In the rare occasion that you may be
dissatisfied after giving us ample opportunity to remedy the situation, Lake Norman Pest Control agrees to release the Customer from any future

responsibilities agreed to in this Service Agreement. This is not a money-back guarantee.