Go-Forth Dock Service Agreement – 3-17-17


This Contract ONLY covers Spiders, Spider Webs, and Wasps Nests on docks only and specifi-
cally does NOT cover Wood Destroying Insects, Flying Insects, Fire Ants, Bed Bugs or Fleas.



GO-FORTH PEST CONTROL agrees to furnish all Labor, Materials, Equipment and Supplies for the control of the
specific pests designated on the front of this service agreement.
CUSTOMER understands that from time to time certain preparation procedures may be required to obtain adequate
control, and agrees to follow GO-FORTH’S recommendations regarding these procedures. Customer further
agrees to grant access to all areas of the structure being serviced during normal business hours for inspection and
treatment. Scheduling appointments is a cooperative effort. If after due diligence to schedule GO-FORTH is unable
to schedule a regular service with the customer during the month due, Go-Forth will provide the service when it is

most convenient for Go-Forth, provided that the dock area is accessible. If the dock area is inaccessible, and GO-
FORTH is unable to schedule with the customer, the service will not be performed that month and this will
NOT affect the payment plan or any amounts due during that month.

* This service shall begin on or around the initial service dated noted on the front of this agreement and continue
thereafter for the minimum period of 12 months, unless otherwise noted on this contract by a Go-Forth
representative. The service will continue after initial service period indefinitely. This service may be terminated at
any time after the initial minimum service period by giving one to the other a 45 day notice. Customer must speak
with a customer service representative from the Go-Forth office to cancel services.

The regular service cost may be adjusted by GO-FORTH giving written notice of such adjustment in advance. GO-
FORTH reserves the right to perform alternative treatments to the exterior perimeter of structures when scheduled

appointments are not kept and our office is not notified prior to the time of the appointment. All regular charges will
be applied; however an interior treatment may be scheduled at a later date.

Should any service be terminated by the CUSTOMER prior to the end of the initial minimum service period
specified for any reason other than failure of GO-FORTH to adequately fulfill their obligations under this contract,
the CUSTOMER will be charged one half (1/2) of the remainder of the initial service period’s services. However, if
early termination is due to a move within the Go-Forth service area, the customer may “move” the remainder of the
service agreement to their new location. There may be additional cost involved with any new service. If moving out
of a Go-Forth service area, the penalty will be waived.
Go-Forth reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without prior notification and for any reason; in
such event, Go-Forth may credit or refund payments for the current month of the cancellation as well as any
payments that have been collected for future months; however, payments for any months prior to the current month
of cancellation will not be subject to credit or refund; therefore if any payments for prior months are past due, those
balances will remain due.


Monthly Services require 12 services per year. Quarterly and Premier Services require 4 services per year. Should
GO-FORTH be unable to schedule any of these services after due diligence on our part, the charge for that service
will be due at the end of the month said service is scheduled. Services may be rescheduled for the first of the
following month but this rescheduling does not effect the scheduling of the following service. For monthly scheduled
services this may mean 2 services and charges in the same month.


If any payment or payments are due GO-FORTH and are not received in our office within 30 days of any invoice,
then a service charge of up to 2% of the amount due will be charged per month as a service charge. Customer
agrees to pay any and all costs of collection of any amounts due GO-FORTH, including attorney fees. If a service
is terminated due to non-payment or late payment, GO-FORTH may require Advance Payment or Auto-Pay
payment to re-instate service. A minimum of Thirty-Two Dollars service fee will be added for any and all returned